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Bridget profile photo

Bridget - 23yrs

(17 jobs )
room_outlined Merewether
Hi mums and dads! I’m a university student who currently studies 2 days a week. I have a lot of experience babysitting/nannying, as well as caring experience for people with disabilities. I have 6 younger siblings...expand_more
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Lilly profile photo

Lilly - 23yrs

(2 jobs )
room_outlined Adamstown
Hi families, I am a casual teacher in Newcastle and volunteer with various youth programs. I have a fun-loving and caring nature and love working with kids of all ages. I am looking for babysitting work outside...expand_more
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Sasika profile photo

Sasika - 21yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined Hamilton
Hi parents, I have moved to Newcastle to study occupational therapy after spending two years studying in Canberra at the ANU. I have spent the past year working as a babysitter in Canberra (walking kids home,...expand_more
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Sophie - 20yrs

room_outlined Callaghan
Hi, My name's Sophie and I'm a Nanny and Babysitter in Newcastle. I love babysitting kids and I've been doing it for the last four years. A little bit about myself, I play basketball, netball, soccer and touch...expand_more
Patricia profile photo

Patricia - 39yrs

room_outlined Wallsend
Hi Parents! I am a Mum with more than 8 years experience with children . I have a Car with capsule installed suitable for kids 00-1year old Black screen windows for the sun. WWCC , first aid, PCR. References...expand_more

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Niamh - 22yrs

(2 jobs )
room_outlined Hamilton
Hello! My name is Niamh, I am 21 from Newcastle. My experience includes working in a British boarding school (in the boarding house, preprep and middle school classrooms) and also babysitting for families from...expand_more
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Marie profile photo

Marie - 34yrs

room_outlined Elermore Vale
Hello! I am a highly skilled children’s entertainer and special needs teacher employed in a leadership role locally. I am super fun, reliable and very experienced....
Emily profile photo

Emily - 26yrs

room_outlined North Lambton
Hi mums and dads, I grew up in a close family with an older brother and sister. I work in a local primary school helping out with sporting activities so I am always surrounded by kids. I’d love to meet you...expand_more

Derryn - 19yrs

(3 jobs )
room_outlined Callaghan
Hi Parents, I have many years of experience helping out with kids of all ages at school, church and on holiday camps. I have babysat kids in the area before and so know how to look after children and meet their...expand_more
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Phoebe - 18yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined Callaghan
Hi parents, my name is phoebe and I am looking for nannying and babysitting jobs. I currently am studying physiotherapy at the University of Newcastle. I have been a netball umpire at a local junior netball...expand_more

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Emily profile photo

Emily - 20yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined New Lambton Heights
Hi Parents! My name is Emily and I’m a third year uni student studying Engineering. I absolutely love kids and have experience working in a day care, afterschool care and babysitting for my younger siblings...expand_more
Clodagh profile photo

Clodagh - 22yrs

room_outlined Kotara
Hello beautiful families of Newcastle! I come from a big family of 8 so looking after young ones is not new to me. I currently study radiography at the University of Newcastle and can confidently assist in...expand_more
Lauren profile photo

Lauren - 19yrs

room_outlined Newcastle
Hi everyone! I’m a bubbly newcastle local who is currently studying law at UON. I love all things animals and kids and have experience looking after both! I’m reliable, responsible and friendly. I would love...expand_more

Julia - 22yrs

room_outlined Jewells
Hi families, I have extensive experience with children. I am about to graduate a Bachelor of Primary education specialising in special education. I currently volunteer teaching English conversational skills...expand_more

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