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Join our community of over 50,000 helpers finding childcare and tutoring jobs on Juggle Street.


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Sign up, start building your helper profile and exploring the Juggle Street platform.

Get invited to jobs

As soon as your profile is complete you will receive job invites via the app. Simply review the job and tap to apply or decline.

Start earning money!

Get paid by the family at the end of the job. Unlike other apps, Juggle Street does NOT take a percentage.

Secure, world class technology...

Juggle Street is the leading on-demand platform for childcare and tutoring jobs in Australia and New Zealand. Juggle Street’s reliable, user friendly technology is available on iOS & Android apps.

How it works

Receive job invites on the app. Review the job. Tap to apply or decline. Done.

Make your profile stand out
Select the job types you would like to do and explain your experience and qualifications. You can even add a profile video introducing yourself to families.
Receive job invites straight to your mobile
When you’re invited to a job you’ll receive an app notification. You can tap on the link to see all the job details and view the family’s profile. Use the chat feature to ask the parent any questions you have.
Get paid cash or bank transfer
Parents will pay you via bank transfer or cash. Juggle Street does not take a cut, you keep every dollar you earn!

Trust is at the core of everything we do.


Mandatory checks

A Working With Children Check is mandatory for all Juggle Street helpers. Juggle Street also conducts Visa Right to Work checks for overseas helpers.

ID verification

Mobile phone verification is mandatory for all Juggle Street helpers and parents. Mobile numbers are only shared between a helper and a parent when a job is awarded.

Profile privacy

Your full profile is only accessible to registered Juggle Street users. You can choose to have a partial public profile to boost your personal profile.

Home location

Your home address is never shared with Juggle Street parents. Your address location pin on the map is only approximate.


After completing a job, you will be asked to give a star rating to five questions about the job. A family’s average star rating is displayed on their profile.

Guardian approval

Helpers aged 15 – 17 require parent or guardian approval before they're allowed to participate in the Juggle Street network.

Pricing & Payments

Juggle Street is FREE to join! You can create your helper profile and view family profiles.
Unlike other platforms that take a cut of every job, Juggle Street families and helpers both pay an annual membership to be part of the community. Parents set the price of every job and pay you directly at the end of every job in cash or via bank transfer. You keep every dollar you earn to spend on whatever you like!

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