About Juggle Street

Everyone at Juggle Street is passionate about rebuilding a sense of community and friendship in our neighbourhoods. We create networks of trust and cooperation by establishing new, meaningful connection between families and neighbours of all ages. Juggle Street is a social network where busy working parents put their neighbours to work. Juggle Street is not a childcare agency, we do not provide caregiver services ourselves, and we do not provide recommendations about helpers on our platform. Juggle Street is an “introductory platform” posting babysitting and nanny jobs introducing parents to local helpers. It is imperative that parents do their own due diligence and validate certifications and references provided by helpers. "My hope is that every little Juggle Street job will build a relationship, it will help out a neighbour, and it will breathe life into the local community. Our goal is to connect one million people of all ages, street-by-street across Australia and New Zealand, creating trust-based networks that invigorate local communities." Happy Juggling! - David James

David James and his brothers


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David James - Founder & Chief Juggler

Serial Entrepreneur over 20 years in Australia and the US. Founded online fresh food delivery company SandwichDirect.com (1999). Company now generating >U$100M annual revenue in US with >50% online. Trade Sale to NYSE company Nov 2013. As Co-CEO at Brasserie Bread developed world’s first artisan bread ERP (BreadBoard™) and grew company 10X between 2006-12.

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Amr Elsayed - Co-founder & Chief Technology Juggler

Over 10 years of professional software development experience in Europe, US and Australia. Co-founder & CTO of InspirationGate, software development and consulting company. Lead globally distributed teams delivering commercial and enterprise applications in the desktop, web, mobile and cloud space. Worked for David for 2 years as CTO at Brasserie Bread.

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Justine Duncan - Chief Marketing Juggler

A juggling mother of two and marketing professional with over 18 years of experience. Justine started her career at Time Inc. Australia working on the launch of In Style and progressed to Group Marketing Manager for Who & Time magazines. She was transferred to Time Inc. UK to be Head of Marketing across six print and online titles. Following her return to Sydney in 2008, Justine held senior marketing positions at Independent Digital Media and Private Media focussing on digital marketing.

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Ruth Johnson - New Zealand Manager

With four children ranging from toddler to teenager Ruth knows all about the juggle! An Early Childhood Teacher, studying Counsellor and a busy mum, she is passionate about helping families and children. Ruth and her family spent three years living in Sydney which is where she became an avid user of Juggle Street. After returning to NZ with no Juggle Street, she felt like a part of her family was missing, so she is very excited that she is now reunited!

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Julie Floyd - Digital Marketing Manager

Julie has worked in digital marketing since 2004 for clients such as Nerada Tea, Japan Tourism and Triple P Positive Parenting. As a mother of two who moved to Sydney in 2014, she knows the juggle of parenthood well. She enjoys staying at the forefront of digital and has worked on various award winning innovative digital projects such as the Plant Life Balance mobile app that won the best lifestyle app in 2018 at the Webby Awards. She’s passionate about delivering digital customer experiences that make a difference in people’s lives and helping solve everyday problems through digital.

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Angela Brownlee - Super Nanny

Having run several successful business in New Zealand for over 20 years, Angela moved to Sydney in 2014 to be closer to her Australian based family. Angela initially joined Juggle Street to make friends in her new community, now she is the most sought after nanny on Juggle Street having completed hundreds of jobs for dozens of families. Angela provides the team with guidance and advice for all things “nanny” on Juggle Street.

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Shana Slaiman – Customer Service

Shana's had an extensive career in recruitment and training. She is a busy juggling mum to two teenagers in Sydney. She is passionate about customer service and enjoys helping others. If you need any help, just click on the Juggle St Help icon and Shana will answer you.