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Because it still takes a village...

Our mission is to rebuild a sense of community in our neighbourhoods by creating lasting, meaningful relationships.

David James and his son

Where it all began...

Hi, when I grew up my two brothers and I spent every waking hour playing outside, and all the mums & dads in the neighbourhood knew each other. Roll the clock forward a few decades and many of us have become strangers in our neighbourhoods. Rather than blaming technology for the decline, Juggle Street believe it should be embraced; to build face-to-face relationships, create lasting friendships, and help bridge the generation gap, not widen it.

When I founded Juggle Street, we had one child in daycare, one in primary school, one in high school, and one at university. We were, and still are, living on Juggle Street! Our family life has always revolved our neighbourhood, I am a volunteer Surf Life Saver, I am the Chair of the P&C Canteen at our son’s school where my wife is also a volunteer ethics teacher. And in our spare time, I Coach my daughter’s soccer team, and my wife is the manager of our son’s rugby team. Juggle Street has been built around these family principles of trust, “belonging” and giving back to your neighbourhood.

When we started Juggle Street in 2014 the team’s mission was to “connect one million neighbours, street-by-street, across Australia and New Zealand” and I could not be more proud of what we have achieved so far. We have a trusted community of over 115,000 mums & dads, babysitters, nannies, au pairs, and tutors. More than 40,000 jobs have been posted and thousands of life-changing connections and friendships have been created.

My hope is that every Juggle Street job will build a relationship, it will help-out a neighbour, and it will breathe life into the local community.

David James
Founder & Chief Juggler

David James and family

Meet the team

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Hugh Bickerstaff

Non-executive Director
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David James

Founder & Chief Juggler
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John Stewart

Chair & Non-executive Director
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Angela Brownlee

Super Nanny

The journey so far...

Juggle Street launched in at our local public primary school in December 2014, offering simple one-off babysitting jobs only. We knew from the outset that TRUST was Juggle Street’s currency and we met thousands of parents face-to-face explaining Juggle Street’s goals and listening to their concerns. We built trust one parent at a time, one sausage sizzle at a time, one primary school at a time, slowly expanding Juggle Street suburb-by-suburb across Sydney.

In 2017 Juggle Street expanded to Melbourne without a single sausage sizzle! We launched through partnerships with online mothers’ groups and digital marketing. This was closely followed Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. In September 2018 we decided to expand to New Zealand and held a community launch in Auckland, then quickly rolled out across the whole of New Zealand. The user uptake rate in New Zealand, powered by word-of-mouth not marketing dollars, surpassed all of Juggle Street’s previous geographic expansions in Australia.

Juggle St timeline

Juggle Street’s unique supply and demand business model guarantees fair market pricing for parents and helpers alike. Parents set the price they are willing to pay for each job and helpers decide if the job is for them and apply or decline in real time. Helpers get paid by the family at the end of each job and Juggle Street does not “clip the ticket” so helpers get to keep 100% of what they earn. Other job platforms typically take 20-40% of every dollar earnt, some tutoring platforms take as much 65%. Parents on Juggle Street choose an annual subscription to post an unlimited number of jobs, and helpers pay a small annual membership to apply for jobs. This transparent, equitable pricing model creates a WIN-WIN-WIN relationship, it’s a win for busy parents and their children, it’s a win for gig economy workers, and it’s a win for Juggle Street and its shareholders.

Like millions of other businesses, COVID had a big impact on Juggle Street in 2020. But not only have we survived; we believe Juggle Street is in a stronger position now than it was before the pandemic. Restrictions, lockdowns, and home-schooling have affected us all, but they have also highlighted the importance of our neighbours, and the positive role local community plays in our everyday life. At the height of the pandemic school closures affected over 1.5 billion students worldwide, and online education became a necessity overnight. Experts now believe the future will be a hybrid education model, blending face-to-face classes with remote online learning. This is a massive opportunity for Juggle Street, and we have already adapted our platform to offer both in-home face-to-face tutoring and online tutoring.

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