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What do parents look for in babysitters?

When parents think of finding a babysitter, they envisage someone with the right qualities for taking care of their child. That is why picking the right sitter is not an easy choice. If you are a great babysitter, any parent will feel comfortable leaving their most treasured possession with you.

When parents think of finding a babysitter or nanny, they envisage someone with the right qualities for taking care of their child. That is why picking the right babysitter is not an easy choice to make, although there are many babysitters to pick from out there. If you are a great caregiver, any parent will feel comfortable leaving their most treasured possession; their child, with you.

Keep on reading to find out the qualities parents look for in babysitters.

1. Experience

Experience is fundamental in everything we do and the same applies to babysitting. Parents know that if they go for a nanny with more experience, they have perhaps found someone more prepared to handle difficult or unusual situations when taking care of their child. However, many parents are still willing to give smart and dedicated sitters their first babysitting jobs, though they are aware that they are better off with an experienced nanny, especially if their loved ones are very young. Younger children need more supervision and attention. Besides, you can also get this required experience from caring for your own siblings or from a babysitting course backed by a certificate.

2. Reliability

No parent wants to have a babysitter their children love but they report late to work. Every parent’s dream is to find a babysitter who shows up to work on time and does everything smartly and responsibly.

Besides, babysitters who show up a little early create more time for any plan or potential issues to be discussed, which is great.

3. Friendly Personality

Every parent needs a babysitter whose personality is full of the kind of friendliness that will build a bond with their children, keeping them engaged. To be friendly, the nanny has to communicate with confidence both verbally and physically. No parent needs a shy or awkward babysitter because children will neither trust them nor open up.

So, parents know that with a jovial, positive, and friendly babysitter, their child will live a happy life.

4. Energetic

You cannot be a good babysitter if you do not have enough energy to match that of the kid you are taking care of. Remember that children have a lot of energy and enthusiasm that keep them bouncing around regularly as a way of having fun.

Parents want a nanny that will not find it difficult to run around with their children, engage in pillow fights, or play any other children’s games all day. So, getting a nanny who is in decent physical shape is the dream of every parent. However, do not think that parents expect you to be an athlete when they think of an energetic babysitter.

5. Kind

Parents want the person they pay to take care of their children to be a very good and kind human being to their loved ones. They want a babysitter that will help their children grow up happy, loved, appreciated, and not judged. Someone who values children and laughs with them and not at them! A sitter who understands that children can be sensitive and therefore need to be corrected in a kind and gentle manner!