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21 yrs - Ringwood
Jobs:3 Completed 

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Hello there, my name is Tess! I'm currently studying my Bachelor of Education (birth - 12 years old) where I have completed 28 out of 32 units. My classes take place on a Thursday and Friday. I worked… 

I help the children who I babysit with their homework, whether it be with their readers or with mathematics, however, have no other experience. I am more than happy to give it a go though :)
2 written recommendations.
Local parent Karen said...
Tess was fantastic! It took her no time at all to fit into the routine and get to know the kids. She was proactive in asking for routine info and genuinely wanted to know about my kids and their needs and interests. She bought calm and maturity to the work which helped my kids settle and feel confident with Tess. But I think the winning testament is my daughter asking if Tess will be coming to babysit again tonight please!.


31 yrs - Ringwood East
Jobs:3 Completed 

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Hi mum and dad, I am a full time university student with free evenings and weekends. I have experience both with very young children or grown ups. Can definitely help with homeworks and can speak Italian… 

I've been a tutor for 4 years, particuoarly high school and VCE students. I'm passionate about science and particularly biology (I am a current PhD student, studying molecular biology). I also have an Italian background, therefore I've been tutoring Italian grammar, listening and speaking.
2 written recommendations.
Local parent Linda said...
My daughter had a lovely evening and is looking forward to having Serena babysit her again!! Serena is very calm and had a positive open approach to my little hyperactive 5 year old. Serena plaited my daughters hair in a beautiful French braid and made her a friendship bracelet which my daughter was very proud of. I would definitely recommend Serena to other parents.


18 yrs - Mitcham
Jobs:2 Completed 

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Hi mums and dads! I am a year 12 student, I am a passionate musician and am looking at studying something in the childcare area next year. I love kids, I have two little brothers and a niece who I have… 

I have been working with kids that I know and have grown up with for all of their lives with all aspects of tutoring. Ranging from simple English and reading, music theory and playing or struggling with social aspects or bulling and self-confidence issues. I am a musician and love singing, piano and guitar. I am very passionate about music and am hoping one day it will be something I can do everyday.
2 written recommendations.


33 yrs - Boronia
Jobs:1 Completed 

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Hi Mums and Dads, I am working in a casual job and my hours are very flexible, I usually have 3 to 4 days off a week (including weekends) with my available time I have decided to help my neighbors baby… 

I don't have official tutoring qualifications but the real life experience that I do have is with my sister's kids, I have 3 nephews they are 22, 10 and 5. I have always looked after them while my sister worked and have been a big part of raising them, teaching and helping with school work and assignments amongst all other day to day things that pop up looking after children. The age between my nephews has given me a broad range of experience.
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Krystal said...
My girls absolutely love Maira. They're so happy when they know she is doing the school pick up. At home, nothing is a problem. Maira goes about the house knowing exactly what needs to be done without direction. She has been a life saver for us!.


21 yrs - Warranwood
Jobs:1 Completed 

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Hi everyone ! I am a diploma qualified early childhood educator, I love working with children and have been working in an early learning childcare setting for 2 years. I am currently studying my bachelor… 

I have only tutored family and friends in small doses unpaid. I am although in my second year of uni for primary education and consider myself a capable tutor.
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Danielle said...
Eva was an absolute delight. Our 2yo daughter felt immediately at ease with her and it was apparent from the moment we met her that she is has a lot of experience looking after children. Highly recommend! :-).

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24 yrs - Croydon

Private Profile

Hi there, my name is Phoebe and I am currently studying a Bachelor of education- primary. I am a fit and energetic individual that loves getting outdoors. My interests include; travel, snowsports, fitness,… 

I have been studying teaching and working with students for over 6 years. Through this time I have had opportunity to assist students in a whole range of subjects but take a particular interest in helping students with their literacy.


43 yrs - Upper Ferntree Gully
Muhamdiram profile photo

Hi Mums and Dads, I have a more than two years of experience in baby sitting with various types of kids including who needs special attention. I am a qualified certificate lll in early childhood and care… 

I’m doing tutoring for few primary grade students in grade 1,2 and 3 in Maths and Sinhala and doing Chess classes for beginners.


21 yrs - Mitcham

Private Profile

Hi there, I’m a nursing student in university and I am also the legal guardian of my 13 year old little sister. I love being around kids, dogs and love the outdoors. I‘m at uni a few times per week,… 

I have been tutoring my sister every week for about 5 years in maths, English and science. This involves sitting down next to her at a table and going through and explaining rules, using encouragement and creating techniques to create learning easier and fun that is specific to her abilities. Doing well in school work and tutoring sessions can be rewarded with treats and receiving good grades on test papers. I also have a variety of knowledge from my past university studies that specifically targeted topics in biology, health, physical education, nutrition and exercise sports science.


38 yrs - Heathmont
Jennifer profile photo

Hi everyone I’m a Mum of 2 boys, 5 and 2 years old. I have worked in Children’s Services for 14 years specifically with children on the Autism Spectrum (ASD) and other disabilities as an ABA therapist… 

Hi everyone I’m a Mum of 2 boys, 5 and 2 years old. I have worked in Childrens’ Services for 12 years specifically with children on the Autism Spectrum (ASD) and other disabilities as a therapist and integration aide both at home and in kindergartens and schools. I hold a double degree from Deakin University in Arts & Health Sciences (Psychology, Disability Studies and Linguistics). I also have Level 2 First aid and Certificate III in Children’s Services. I have a lot of experience in tutoring from levels Foundation through to Grade 6 Literacy and Maths.


17 yrs - Croydon North

Private Profile

Hello, I am a student currently studying at Luther College. I have very good mathematics and science skills. I also am capable of teaching primary school English.… 

I have never tutored outside of people that I know. I am passionate about all subjects however I mainly excel in mathematics and sciences. I have satisfactory completed up to year 10 and am currently studying in year 11. I don’t have any formal teaching experience however I’ve had plenty of teachers and I have an idea of what does and doesn’t work. I find that I am passionate about learning and what to encourage people to learn everyday.

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31 yrs - Kilsyth
Sarah profile photo

Hi parents, I am a Primary School Teacher who has been on maternity leave for the past 4 years looking after my own small children. I have 2 girls, aged 4 and 1. I taught for over 5 years in the Primary… 

I am a qualified Primary School Teacher with a Bachelors of Education degree. I have worked in a teaching position for 5+ years, teaching a range of ages across all Grade level in Primary School. I have 2 small children of my own, so am very comfortable in dealing with kids and building a positive rapport with them.