Tutors, Chelsea Heights

Darcy - 23yrs

room_outlined Melbourne
Hey! It’s lovely to meet you, well kinda anyway. I am currently a university student. I am studying a Bachelor of Nursing at Deakin University. I have grown up around the bayside area, however have extensive...expand_more
Roisin profile photo

Roisin - 27yrs

room_outlined Beaumaris
Hi Guys, My name is Roisin. I am from Ireland and living in Melbourne for the past 3 years after grading from Uni with a bachelor of social science. I am available for babysitting. I have experience with...expand_more
Kaitlyn profile photo

Kaitlyn - 20yrs

(2 jobs )
room_outlined Dingley
Hey everyone, I have been looking after many kids, aged 6 month - 15 years. i also work with people with disabilities and mental health. And I’m currently studying the diploma of nursing and the diploma of...expand_more
Nickiera profile photo

Nickiera - 18yrs

room_outlined Noble Park
Hi, I’m a Year 11 VCE student and I hold a working with childrens check. I grew up in a large extended family where I was one of the older kids. I have experience with people with disabilities as I grew up...expand_more

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