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Ajak profile photo

Ajak - 22yrs

(11 jobs )
room_outlined Glenwood
Hi my name is Ajak and I live in Glenwood NSW. I'm 18 years old. Recently just graduated high school....
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Jake profile photo

Jake - 21yrs

(3 jobs )
room_outlined Kings Langley
Hey everyone! I am a student studying at UNSW. I have a diploma in early childhood education and have logged many hours at multiple child care centres. I look forward to meeting you all!...
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Lorna profile photo

Lorna - 41yrs

room_outlined Tregear
am down to earth, basic and very old fashioned. I believe in a wholesome based experience for your child. Old fashioned learning, old fashioned play and as much time together as you give us. I have already...expand_more
Kit Yee profile photo

Kit Yee - 31yrs

room_outlined Prospect
About me😉 ~ Malaysian Chinese background ~ multilingual (Mandarin, Cantonese, Bahasa, English) ~ full of love, patience and passions ~ enjoy teaching & doing fun activities with children Availabilities :...expand_more
Ya Genesis profile photo

Ya Genesis - 22yrs

room_outlined Plumpton
Hi, My name is Ya but you can call me Genesis. I am passionate when it comes to anything relating to children. I love helping someone out in general where I can. If you like to assign me you can be sure that...expand_more

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Sayuri - 25yrs

room_outlined Glenwood
Hello mums and dads, hope everyone is doing well during these troubled times. I’m a happy go lucky person with a bubbly personality and positive outlook on life. I love being outdoors and appreciating the little...expand_more
Jenni profile photo

Jenni - 37yrs

room_outlined Kellyville Ridge
Hi all, I’m a mum go 2 teen girls and available to help other families on Thursday and Friday evenings and weekends. Let me tell you about myself: 🔸Mum to 2 teen girls and 3 furbabies 🔸Have worked with...expand_more
Jaspreet Kaur profile photo

Jaspreet Kaur - 35yrs

room_outlined Blacktown
Hi My name is jaspreet i am 34 years old and i am available for babysitting/nanny jobs within or close to Castle Hill. i am also a small business owner Emu Kids Drop And Shop castle Towers Shopping centre...expand_more

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