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Wheeler Heights was designated as a separate suburb in 1977 with a postcode of 2097, but was reassigned as a locality within Collaroy in 1984. In 2001, all localities were renamed Urban Places. In 2011, Wheeler Heights, along with Collaroy Plateau, was re-established as a suburb by the Geographical Names Board of NSW, after lobbying by the community, who had never ceased considering it to be a suburb since its loss of that title in 1984. Sir Arthur Rickard (1868-1948), real estate developer advertised the Superb View Estate in 1917.[11] This estate developed allotments on Lantana Avenue, Rose Avenue, Ettalong Street, Heather Street, Plateau Road (now Veterans Parade) and Berith Street (Wheeler Heights). The allotments are still clearly identifiable today.

Warringah is home to over 900 native plant species, subspecies, varieties and forms that can be found from the coastal sand dunes and estuaries to sandstone ridge tops and plateaux. Wheeler Heights has dry sclerophyllforests (Shrubby subformation) ‘Shrubby dry sclerophyll forest has typically Australian species such as waratahs, banksias, wattles, pea-flowers and tea-trees. There is a sparse ground cover of sedges and grasses growing on sandy soils that are among the world’s least fertile.’

The main form of transport after private cars is by public transport buses. Google maps provides an interactive map of the buses servicing Wheeler Heights.