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Dila - 33yrs

(5 jobs )
room_outlined Mount Colah
Hi mums and dads, I have a sister who is younger than me by 9 years. During my teenage years my Mum was working as a nurse so I took care of my sister in all my free time. After I moved to Sydney I started...expand_more
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Lauren - 34yrs

room_outlined Middle Dural
Hi everyone, I’m looking for casual, weekend and holiday work. I am a primary school teacher during the term. Lauren....
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Lamia - 32yrs

room_outlined Hornsby
Hi Families, I am an early childhood teacher from France trained in Australia. I have also had the chance to work as an au pair and as a nanny for 5 years now. I really enjoy working with children and look...expand_more
Steph profile photo

Steph - 30yrs

room_outlined Mount Colah
I am a business owner and love working with children. I have over ten years experience working with children and am experienced in bottle feeding, I have high energy levels and love playing games with children....expand_more

Seanna - 18yrs

(4 jobs )
room_outlined Hornsby Heights
Hello wonderful people! I am an extremely responsible, energetic, cheerful and caring person who just finished Year 12 who would love to help you with babysitting and tutoring. I am fully vaccinated and...expand_more

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Naomi - 20yrs

room_outlined Hornsby Heights
Hi families! I’m a full-time uni student looking to pick up some babysitting work in my spare time. I currently work as a gymnastics coach and have 4+ years of experience working with children. I absolutely...expand_more
Samuel profile photo

Samuel - 20yrs

room_outlined Dural
Hi Parents/carers, I am a sporty third year education student who is looking to further develop my teaching skills through tutoring. I have completed a teaching practical and have been involved in the coaching...expand_more

Rachael - 20yrs

(2 jobs )
room_outlined Mount Colah
!!! I have new born experience !!! Hi all! I am a child care worker looking for a casual babysitting position. I plan on becoming a full time primary and high school teacher. I have been babysitting since...expand_more
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