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22 yrs - Yokine
Jobs:29 Completed 

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Hello! I just finished studying honours in dance at WAAPA, after finishing my Bachelor of Arts in dance in 2018. I love kids, and am looking for any babysitting work, as I really find it rewarding. I volunteer… 

I have only helped my siblings out with their homework so don’t have any formal training. I did however endorse with excellence when I completed year 12 in New Zealand. I did Maths, English, Dance, Drama and science in my last year of school. I also taught my sister how to speak New Zealand sign language so if it’s something you’re interested in am able to teach your child NZ sign language or basic American Sign Language or Australian sign language.
7 written recommendations.
Local parent Jackie said...
I asked my children if they liked Tessa, they said “no because we LOVED her!” My girls (7 and 4) are not used to babysitters they don’t know - but it was super easy and Tessa even had to deal with an emergency “lost monkey toy” situation. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.


31 yrs - Kingsley
Jobs:14 Completed 
Kathryn profile photo

Hi mums and dads, I have recently moved to Perth from Sydney where I was a full time nanny. I love working with children and have been doing so for 12 years now and have experience with very young babies… 

I have a certified Primary School Teacher. I am most confident with teaching art and english.
9 written recommendations.
Local parent James said...
Kathryn arrived on time and jumped immediately into making a connection with my boys. She was warm and friendly and clearly had experience with children. She is more qualified than I am to look after my children. I have no hesitation recommending her.


21 yrs - Kingsley
Jobs:11 Completed 
Zoe profile photo

Hi families! I am a University student who is studying primary school education. I have 4 younger siblings and adore kids. I am currently booked out for before and after school care but would love to help… 

I have been tutoring primary school students, aged pre primary to year 6, for 2 years and have tutored high school students in years 7-10, for the past year. I have worked with students of all abilities and would be happy to assist with homework, work with individual education plans and create activities to further promote learning.
8 written recommendations.
Local parent Andrew said...
Zoe had a great conection with my daughter and from the first tutoring session my daughter was concentrating and trying really hard with her reading and having fun. Would recommend Zoe for tutoring to anyone.


28 yrs - Morley
Jobs:2 Completed 
Amy profile photo

Hello, My names Amy! I’m 26 years old & truly adore children. After practicing as a registered veterinary nurse for the last decade - I’ve decided to change direction. I am now working towards my new… 

I have been assisting with homework in primary school aged children for six months now.
1 written recommendations.


23 yrs - Yokine
Jobs:2 Completed 

Private Profile

Dear Parents, I am currently a University student with a kind and bubbly nature. I would love the opportunity to meet your kids and take the hassle out of parenting for one night! I do not own a car so… 

I actually never pursued home tutoring after graduating from high school as studies got in the way however would absolutely love to help! I was comfortable in helping my friends during school with particular subjects when they did not understand - and felt I could adequately explain answers. In highschool I was extremely passionate about chemistry, French and maths, whilst taking lessons in violin and piano. I then pursued study in dance at WAAPA and am currently applying for a course in either laboratory medicine or nutrition! I completed 2 years of my undergraduate at WAAPA and looking forward to the beginning of a new degree in science!
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Terri said...
Madi was very sweet with my young boys and they enjoyed playing with her. I would definitely ask Madi to come back when we need a babysitter in the future.

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46 yrs - Duncraig
Jobs:1 Completed 

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Hi - I'm a mum of 2 teen boys, currently childminding after school 2 days per week (Tue & Wed) for a girl 8 and a boy 12. I also work casual shifts as an aged care support worker in the community. I… 

Whilst employed as a nanny, I have provided homework support at Primary School level and of course with my own children who are now teens. I like to incorporate age-appropriate developmental activities into each child's day whilst in my care - including music, arts and crafts, and physical activity. I assisted one of my children tbrough a speech development and dysgraphia (handwriting) OT program from ages 4 to 6. I completed Higher Level English at ATAR level and Higher Level Maths to Year 10, then Standard Maths in ATAR. I have undertaken various further education courses and worked extensively in business support roles which have further developed my skills in these areas. My patient, methodical manner allow me to assist children on their learning journey, with a good injection of fun to keep it interesting!
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Ali said...
She did a very good job. My son love her.. we will ask her again..


45 yrs - Darch
Jobs:1 Completed 
Deborah profile photo

Hi Mum’s and Dads. I am an Education Assistant, mature Nanny and mother of 11 year old twin boys. I have a WWC, police clearance, first aid and asthma and anaphylaxis checks, ABN and have had whooping… 

I am a qualified Education Assistant and looking to help children with subjects they need assistance with.


21 yrs - Inglewood
Jobs:1 Completed 

Private Profile

Hi, I’m studying the Bachelor of Acting at WAAPA full time so I’m not free between the hours of 8:45am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday. I am free in the mornings before school and evenings after school and… 

I haven’t had the opportunity to home tutor as of yet. But ever since primary school into high school I have been a high academic achiever, recieving multiple awards for my academic excellence as well as for my talent in public speaking. And debating. I have been tutored in both maths and English so I understand how tutoring works and I am happy to help children and young teenagers with their homework and exam preparation. I excel mostly in all areas of English and in Mathematics for younger years.


21 yrs - Aveley
Jobs:1 Completed 
Kaitlyn profile photo

I am good with kids and hope to Meet you and your kids. I live at home with my Mum and 3 of my brothers who are all younger and have special needs such as Autism. I enjoy doing the school drop off and… 

As I have only graduated I can go by my experience in school. I achieved my WACE in year 12. Studying Human Biology, Biology, 2 Maths classes, English, and Visual Arts. I have not done external or home tutoring, I have only ever helped my brothers with their homework, one being in high school and the others in primary.


30 yrs - Bedford
Jobs:1 Completed 
Zoe profile photo

Hi mums and dads! I am an occupational therapy student looking for a bit of extra work. I am currently babysitting a 4 year old girl once or twice a week and have had multiple babysitting jobs I'm the… 

I dont have a huge amount of home tutoring experience, but it was definately part of the support work I did with children of specific needs. For over a year I did school pick ups and assisted with whatever home work the children required help with.

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30 yrs - Brabham

Private Profile

Hello everyone, I specialise in providing personalised tutoring from year 5 to year 10. I have also excelled in tutoring students in year 11 and year 12 for; 1. All units in Maths (specialist and… 

Hello everyone, I specialise in providing personalised tutoring from year 5 to year 10. I have also excelled in tutoring students in year 11 and year 12 for; 1. All units in Maths (specialist and methods) 2. Physics I have a particular style of teaching that makes learning fun. My role is to facilitate the students to better achieve their learning goals, help them with all their questions and struggles, also identify their weaknesses and work on challenges to avoid future problems.I have pursued Masters in electrical engineering from ECU and have an ATAR equivalent score of: Maths: 90 Physics: 95 I also hold working with children Card. My tuition fee starts from $25.00 onwards.(for a minimum 2 HR sessions only) for one-to one lessons and $20 per hour for group sessionswith groups of 2 and 3. I also invite anyone interested to try my half an hour free session. Happy to drive around the proximity of Ellenbrook, Aveley and Whiteman Edge (Rates vary).References can be provided upon request. Look forward to meet you all soon.


25 yrs - Marangaroo

Private Profile

Hello! I’m a University student studying nursing but currently I have put that in pause at the meanwhile to work in my passion which is childcare! I have years of experience in daycare with various companies.… 

I have only helped children in kindergarten and pre primary with their homework when needed.


21 yrs - Morley

Private Profile

Hello, I am a second year nursing student looking to help you and your family out. I aspire to be a childrens nurse and love my current job as a babysitter and would love to connect with more families.… 

I have not tutored before but I am good with mathematics and English, so I am comfortable tutoring these subjects.


22 yrs - Dianella
Jobs:3 Completed 

Private Profile

Hey mums and dads! I’m currently studying Hotel Management. When I’m not studying or at uni I am looking after children and entertaining them. I love having children around me and will always ensure that… 

I am a newbie and can help children from kindy, pre- primary to year 5-6 with homework or reading and writing skills.


23 yrs - Bayswater

Private Profile

Hi mums and dads, I have been babysitting for 5 years now and love it. I love kids and I get on so well with them. I’m not doing uni this semester so I’m looking to pick up some more babysitting work since… 

I have not started tutoring yet but it is definitely something I would love to start doing.

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32 yrs - Henley Brook

Private Profile

Hi, I'm in my third year of studying Teaching at ECU, with a work background of science and engineering. I enjoy working with students of all ages!

I have been tutoring across a variety of age groups and subjects for 8 years now. I am studying Primary teaching at university, however can help with virtually any subject and any age group, having studied the subjects in high school and working currently in technology and in engineering.


57 yrs - Landsdale

Private Profile

Hi parents i have been working with chidren in day care for more than 20yrs. I m a qualified Montessori teacher. And i hold a diploma in working with children. I have a first aid certificate.… 

I used to run my own tutoring class as a Montessori educator for early learning children. I am a qualified Montessori educator with a diploma and working with children check.


32 yrs - Morley
Natalia profile photo

Hi Mum and Dads, I have been a disability support worker for the last 2 years and about to start my own family. Love children and connect with them quickly. I'm patient and caring, and would love to be… 

I haven't tutored a lot, but I love helping kids learn and I am up to teaching anything I can help with!


19 yrs - Carine

Private Profile

I have just finished high school so have plenty of spare time. I love being around kids and helping out.

I have just finished high school and have just started tutoring. My main subjects are human biology, geography and maths. I topped human biology in year 12.


47 yrs - Greenwood

Private Profile

Hi Mums & Dads I am a friendly, fun, and caring person, mother of two, and have been teaching children for years. I have a genuin love for kids and am passionate about working with them. I really enjoy… 

I have been teaching Physics and Maths for 14 years. I have also qualified as an Early Childhood Teacher.

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29 yrs - Greenwood

Private Profile

Hi parents, I am a qualified childcare assistant with 11 years experience across child care services and primary school. I would like the opportunity to help out your family with child care and weekend… 

I have previously worked in primary school and have had experience helping primary school students with their work in class.


21 yrs - North Perth

Private Profile

Hello, I'm a student in my second year of occupational therapy. I have classes only 3 days a week. I love children and am hoping to work with them in my future career.… 

I have been tutoring in maths for the past two years. I am comfortable to work with primary and middle school age.


21 yrs - Bedford

Private Profile

Hi mums and dads! My name is Dayna, I am currently in my third year of university. I am looking for a family to care for. I have previous experience in this field, I am very reliable, trustworthy and caring.… 

I have previous home tutoring experiences with young children helping in literacy and numeracy and also high school students predominately in pdhpe, business, English and mathematics.


24 yrs - Bayswater

Private Profile

Hello, I am a uni student (studying dance). I study primarily in the evenings or afternoon. I enjoy looking after children and I have lots of experience through dance teaching, gymnastics coaching and… 

Though I have never professionally tutored I have often helped younger siblings and family friends with their study.


22 yrs - Bedford

Private Profile

I am a 3rd year occupational therapy student currently completing my honours degree. My main goal and dream is to be able to take this career path and work in peadiatrics. I love working with children… 

I don’t have much experience with home tutoring, however I am happy to help your children with their work

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28 yrs - Nollamara
Karina profile photo

Hello, I am a primary school teacher from Ireland and I would love to help you and your family out! I have lots of experience minding, taking care of and teaching children from babysitting, working in… 

I have been home tutoring for the past 5 years and have mainly tutored in English, reading and maths. I find out what areas of weakness the child has and work from there at a pace that the child is comfortable with and where they can excel.


22 yrs - Madeley

Private Profile

Hi families! I am a mature young woman that is interested in babysitting. I currently am finishing a Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree at The University of Western Australia and enjoy working with… 

Been tutoring for 2 years now. Just finishing my last year of university which has equipped me with the skills to prepare young students for exams etc


18 yrs - Dianella
Liana profile photo

Hi Mum’s and Dad’s, My name is Liana Miraudo, and an I’m 18-year old babysitter and tutor who just finish high school and is now studying a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies. I have been… 

I have done a few tutoring sessions here and there for some different people however as I head into my last term of school I am looking to take up some more tutoring once I have finished high school and have some more free time. I would easily say that English has always been my strong point at school however maths is also something that I am good at.


26 yrs - Osborne Park
Eugenia profile photo

Hello families. I am argentinian and i am Now living in Osborne Park, WA. I have been in Australia since October 2019. I have more than 3 years of experience taking care children and I have my WWC certificate… 

I was a homework helper but I am able to teach children spanish fluently since I am from argentina..


23 yrs - Morley
Giorgia profile photo

Hi families! I have always had a passion for working with children and nurturing their imagination and creativity. I have been teaching dance to kids for over 6 years now and I also volunteer at the Perth… 

I tutored a year 6 female student over the course of about a year in my first year of university. I mainly helped her with maths and English grammar. I have also taught a year 11 highschool student human biology, as that was my most successful subject in highschool.

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25 yrs - Balga
Rebecca profile photo

Hey Mums and Dads, I am a graduate Primary School Teacher with a specialisation in mathematics. I currently tutor a number of students and relief teach in a school mainly with children on the Autism Spectrum.… 

I am currently not accepting any more clients at this stage - Sorry I have been home tutoring for the past 6 months after completing a 6 month full time teaching contract with a government school in Year 5. Since tutoring I have had approximately 5-10 students on my roster each week including private clients and clients from the Department of Communities. I have also been on the Ronald McDonald Education Program as a tutor I completed a tutoring course with my university in Mathematics during my degyee. I use my knowledge of the currriculum as a teacher to help support your child using diagnostic assessments to find their level and up to date education research to best help your child.


60 yrs - Marangaroo
Elizabeth profile photo

Hi Parents, I am an experienced mother of 3 adult children, with an extensive community services work history. My employment roles have included youth work, case coordinator, case manager, and chaplain.… 

Tutoring informally within my employment and friendships. Guiding my own children to help them achieve their academic goals.


22 yrs - Yokine
Alyssa profile photo

Hiya!! I’m a fun, vibrant and positive person, who loves the beach, pets, sports and cooking! I grew up with a younger sister and have two younger cousins, who I have looked after numerous times! I also… 

I have tutored for students mainly in high school years since 2017! I am specialised in science subjects, along with math and Italian


23 yrs - Coolbinia
Lauren profile photo

Hi, I am a uni student studying occupational therapy in my final year. I have experience working in a children’s OT clinic, I frequently babysit for my young cousins (ages 4-9) and I have been a swim teacher… 

English tutor for my older sister’s students (cover for her) and helped out with some family member’s and friends’ homework. I was good at English in school, it was my top ATAR subject. I have good grammar and in text/visual analysing skills. I also did French from year 6 to year 10 and in first year university. I enjoyed French and remember the language basics from my studies. I studied human biology and biology at uni and high school and both subjects I enjoyed and did well in.


27 yrs - Bayswater

Private Profile

Hi! My name is Isabelle, I am a masters student, studying occupation therapy with an interest in paediatric care. I have previously finished my bachelors in neuroscience and physiology and have worked… 

I have been tutoring for a number of years ranging with children ranging from primary school to high school in mainstream, and special needs schools as well as homeschooling. I have also had some experience with handwriting and grip help.

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