Tutors in Laverton, VIC

Emily profile photo

Emily - 28yrs

(4 jobs )
room_outlined Yarraville
Hi families, My name is Emily and I am a qualified primary school teacher. I have had experience working with and caring for children of all ages. I am available for babysitting, and literacy and numeracy...expand_more
Lauren profile photo

Lauren - 30yrs

room_outlined South Kingsville
I am a friendly and empathetic 30yo currently working as a full time School Counsellor (P-12). I have over 10 years experience as a professional nanny - providing care throughout my studies and beyond. I work...expand_more
Jaime profile photo

Jaime - 27yrs

room_outlined Tarneit
Hi families! I am a qualified primary school teacher, who loves and has lots of experience with children. I am currently in my fifth year of teaching, and am teaching in prep this year. I am energetic and...expand_more
Nao profile photo

Nao - 27yrs

room_outlined Point Cook
Hi mums and dad's, I graduate Diploma in Education in America. Also, I was work at after care school for more than 3 years(mostly 6-7 years old) and child center about 1 year(2-5 years old). I like to support...expand_more
Veronica profile photo

Veronica - 23yrs

room_outlined Sunhine West
Hi families! I am currently a working Grade 1 teacher and a NDIS disability support worker for youths with ASD. I have an extensive background in caring for children through teaching, support work, out of school...expand_more
Mihua profile photo

Mihua - 32yrs

room_outlined Werribee
Hi, Dads and Mums, I am a mother have a 5-year old son. I have the experience of taking care of baby and little children. And I am a Teamkids educator taking care of students outside of school hours. I am now...expand_more
Oas profile photo

Oas - 27yrs

room_outlined Tarneit
Hi beautiful Mums and Dads. I’m 26 year old currently working as an educator at a Long Day care in Malvern ( Happy to pick up shifts after 5P). My experience Babysitting (4 years ) Room leader ( 2 years...expand_more

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