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Carly - 20yrs

(4 jobs )
room_outlined Williamstown
Hi parents, I have extensive babysitting and nannying experience, and have grown up with many younger cousins/nieces and nephews who have given me the understanding needed to provide exceptional babysitting...expand_more
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Kayla - 21yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined Derrimut
Hey loving parents, I’m a university student currently studying a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Primary Education. I love love love working with kids! I have experience in looking after children...expand_more
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Veronica - 22yrs

room_outlined Sunhine West
Hi Mums, Dads and other guardians, I am currently a University student studying Bachelor Of Education (Prep-12) going into my final year in 2022. I have had many opportunities working with children through...expand_more
Jasleen profile photo

Jasleen - 22yrs

room_outlined Point Cook
Hi Mom and dad I’m a Uni student and available during the evenings. I love to do fun activities with kids and to spend time with them. I would be great to be a tutor for your kids. 🙂...
Lize profile photo

Lize - 27yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined Hoppers Crossing
Hi there! I'm a Year 1 teacher who is available on evenings and weekends for tutoring and/or babysitting. Sparknotes version of me: I have a Masters of Teaching and am qualified to teach from birth to year...expand_more

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Lucinda - 25yrs

room_outlined Point Cook
Hi parents! I am currently working as a early childhood educator, and because of my love for children, i have decided to take on babysitting jobs. I have completed my degree in psychology and graduate diploma...expand_more

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