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Tatiana - 41yrs

(13 jobs )
room_outlined Eastlakes
Hi, I moved to Australia last October and will be living here permanently. I’m available Monday to Friday. Also, I studied Geography in university.
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Deb - 64yrs

room_outlined Pagewood
Hi I am a former preschool teacher now retired. I have been looking after my grandsons fulltime for the last three years. The oldest is now in primary school and the youngest is now in preschool four days of ...expand_more

Edwina - 42yrs

room_outlined Rosebery
Hi Mums and Dads. Im a mum of 4 currently on maternity leave looking after my 2 week old baby. I have been a mother for over 20 years and have my Diploma in Early Childhood and Care and worked in childcare ...expand_more

Rachel - 21yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined Mascot
Hi wonderful families! I’m a university student undergoing a Bachelor or Midwifery I’m one of 4 kids and have lots and lots of experience working with children and babies. Hope to get the opportunity to meet ...expand_more
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Maria - 30yrs

room_outlined Eastlakes
Hello moms and dads I am an English student I go to classes from Monday to Friday from 5 pm to 9:30 pm I love children, I am tolerant, organized and very responsible. I would like to work with you.

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Shakila - 35yrs

room_outlined Eastlakes
Hi I am very energetic and unenthusiastic person. I have been working in childcare industry since 2010, almost 10years. I have completed my diploma and currently studying bachelor in early childhood education(1.5yrars ...expand_more

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