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Amy - 20yrs

(6 jobs )
room_outlined Dulwich Hill
Hi! My name is Amy and I would love to help you out with any upcoming babysitting jobs. As some background on me, I want to be a preschool teacher one day. I have previously volunteered for a year or so ...expand_more
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Honor - 33yrs

room_outlined Dulwich Hill
Hello, I work in schools mostly with special needs children and I have 14 years of experience across a wide range of child care and child support roles. I look forward to helping out!

Ingrid - 50yrs

room_outlined Hulrstone Park
INGRID'S DESCRIPTION I have two children, my son is twenty year old and my daughter has seven years old. I always have taken care of my daughter and son, that is my main experience as a nanny. I am honest and ...expand_more
Juliana profile photo

Juliana - 36yrs

room_outlined Dulwich Hill
My name is Juliana , 34 years old, I’m from Brazil . At the moment I’m part time at Italian restaurant as a chef, but now I’m looking for full time as a nanny. I have experience as nanny with children 0 - 4 ...expand_more
André profile photo

André - 25yrs

room_outlined Dulwich Hill
Hey parents, I’m a caring and responsible babysitter/nanny, with nearly 10 years of experience on the job. My aim is to help families - parents, kids, pets etc - feel safe, cared for, and happy. Helping kids ...expand_more

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Nicole - 28yrs

room_outlined Dulwich Hill
Hi there ! I have 10 years of childcare experience, ranging from newborns to teenagers. Looking after children has given me many wonderful experiences, including working as an au pair in France. I am a mature, ...expand_more
Dolly profile photo

Dolly - 36yrs

room_outlined Dulwich-Hill
Hi, mums and Dads. I leave you with a little bit of my profile so that you can get to know me a little bit. I am willing to help you. My experience with childcare has with family with children of 1, 4 and 6 ...expand_more

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