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Child Development

How technology is changing the way children learn

Schools and other educators have had to make huge adjustments in light of our constantly evolving and increasingly digital world. Today, with the advent of COVID-19 and the sudden switch to online learning, online classrooms and online tutors, technology's role in education is bigger than ever.

Tutor Resources

There never seems to be a middle ground. Either you have hundreds of resources at your fingertips and can’t possibly choose which one to use, or you find it incredibly hard to get your hands on even basic resources. How can we find and choose the best resources for what we need?

Making a First Impression

It goes without saying that as a new tutor, you’ll want to make a good impression and see academic improvement in your students. However, wanting to be an effective tutor is not the same as having experience. To save you learning everything as you go, here are five key pointers to get you started,

Choosing the Right Tutor

If you are on the hunt for a tutor, you’re probably motivated by one of two main reasons (though there are others). You’re concerned that your child is under-performing or you're worried that your child will be ‘left behind’ in today’s increasingly competitive landscape. So what makes a good tutor?
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Sponge Tutoring Course

When I started out as a private tutor ten years ago, there was a lot I didn’t know. How much should I charge for an hour of my time? What does a really good tutoring session look like.

7 Tips to Help with Primary School Homework

We’re all about taking the struggle out of your daily juggle. That’s why we’ve prepared 7 handy tips on how you can support your primary school aged kids get through their homework. From planning ahead, to seeking help from a private tutor, read our tips to help get through your daily Juggle.

Find A Tutoring Job With Juggle Street

Connecting with families to find private tutoring work just got a whole lot easier. Juggle Street have over 50,000 parents who have been using our platform to book babysitters and nannies in their local neighbourhood since 2014. Now we’re excited to help support them with our home tutoring service.