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Renae - 22yrs

(29 jobs )
room_outlined Applecross
Hi parents, I’m currently a University student, studying primary education two days a week! I work at a Newsagency the other three days. I am available to help with weekend babysitting and occasional weekday...expand_more
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Nina profile photo

Nina - 42yrs

(5 jobs )
room_outlined Spearwood
Hi parents, I'm a single mum to a nearly 10 year old boy and we live in Spearwoood. I'm an Education Assistant for Special Needs at High School and I work full time during the week. I'm available for casual...expand_more
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Maya profile photo

Maya - 22yrs

(2 jobs )
room_outlined Mosman Park
Hello families, I’m new to Perth and looking to find some families that need casual babysitting. (I cannot work weekly, as I have committed to families already!) I am a uni student, rowing coach, nanny and...expand_more
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Sophia profile photo

Sophia - 19yrs

(7 jobs )
room_outlined Mosman Park
Hi Parents! I’m a student and swim teacher who loves caring for children. I am reliable and responsible - using initiative in challenging situations, and strive to be a positive role model for children. I am...expand_more
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Tais - 20yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined Murdoch
Hello Mums and Dads, I am a student with 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister, so I have a lot of experience taking care of children, please contact me, thanks!...

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Alyssa - 30yrs

room_outlined Wilson
Hi Mums & Dads, I'm a postgraduate student studying Speech Pathology at Curtin University. I work with children who have speech and/or language delay and love providing therapy through fun. I'm an experienced...expand_more
Sarah profile photo

Sarah - 21yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined North Lake
Hey Mums and Dads, I am currently studying a bachelor of primary and early childhood education at Notre Dame University Fremantle. I am a caring and energetic individual with an extensive amount of experience....expand_more
Mia profile photo

Mia - 23yrs

room_outlined Fremantle
Hello, I have just moved to Freo to study at Notre dame university. Prior to moving I was working as an education assistant in the country. I have six years experience as a nanny, have aupaired in Italy. My...expand_more
Courtney profile photo

Courtney - 23yrs

room_outlined Atwell
Ciao a tutti! I am an Italo-Australian girl that has dedicated the past ten years of my life to learning the wonderful Italian language. I am currently at a C1 level accord to CEFR (The Common European Framework...expand_more

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