Tutors, Upper Coomera

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Rachael - 24yrs

(9 jobs )
room_outlined Arundel
Hi mums and dads! I am a primary education student. I am an independent nanny adept at taking initiative in creating child - friendly activities. I am able to maintain organised schedules and pride myself on...expand_more
emoji_emotions_outlined 9 Recommendations
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Lucy - 29yrs

room_outlined Pacific Pines
Hi Parents! I should first let you know that I am an Aunty of 11! The oldest is almost 12 years old and the current youngest was born only a few weeks ago. I’m the youngest of 5 siblings, so I’ve had the opportunity...expand_more
Yi-Yun (Angela) profile photo

Yi-Yun (Angela) - 32yrs

room_outlined Upper Coomera
Hi families, here you can find a passionate carer and educator. I grow up in a big family with 3 sisters, and younger age cousins. I grew a highly interest in caring children from home and furthermore when...expand_more

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