Tutors in Watsons Bay, NSW

There are 500+ childcare educators in-and-around Watsons Bay - 339 jobs totalling 13,774 hours have been completed.

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Rocio - 45yrs

room_outlined Vaucluse
Hello Moms and Dads, My name is Alba Rocio, and I'm a proud mother of two lovely girls. Originally from Colombia, I am fluent in Spanish. Currently, I'm nearing completion of my Certificate III in Childcare...expand_more
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Sasha - 23yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined Vaucluse
Growing up in a family of 6, over the years I have gained invaluable experience dealing with and learning to communicate with children. I graduated from Kambala in 2018 and am currently studying a bachelor...expand_more

Claudia - 22yrs

room_outlined Vaucluse
Hi families - I've grown up with two younger sisters so I'm very experienced in nannying and I have tutored students for almost 2 years now, at companies and independently!...

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