Tutors in Queanbeyan, NSW

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Therese - 32yrs

room_outlined Narrabundah
Hi all! I’m Tess - I’m a thirty one year old youth outreach worker! I’ve worked with children and teenagers as part of my full time job for the past seven years. I’ve got a full drivers license, first aid certificate...expand_more

Ruby - 20yrs

room_outlined Campbell
Hi there! I am 19 and currently studying and living at ANU doing a double degree in Psychology and Criminology. I have worked at a before and after school program and vacation care at Middle Harbour Public...expand_more

Mardi - 21yrs

(1 job )
room_outlined Kingston
Hi mums and dads I’m a 3rd year psychology student at ANU looking to offer some help with local babysitting or nannying. I can do afternoons and nights if you ever need a casual or part time babysitter. I’ve...expand_more

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