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Our tutors are ready to help your child build their confidence, whether they are falling behind and struggling to understand what’s being taught in school or if they are looking to excel and get ahead of their peers, we have private online tutors for every level.

Our High School tutors can assist your child prepare for exams including HSC/VCE/QCEas well as assist with developing study plans and prioritising subjects.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. create an account
1. create an account

Search and connect with Music Teachers via the Juggle Street dashboard.

2. Post a job
2. Post a job

Let tutors know what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to pay.

3. Select the tutor
3. Select the tutor

Interview Tutors that apply and select the right person for your family.

What is Juggle Street & How Does it Work?

What is Juggle Street?

Juggle Street is a neighbourhood network providing busy families access to trusted, local helpers including babysitters, nannies, au pairs and home tutors. When parents and helpers have competed their profiles, they can connect, chat online and meet face-to-face if they wish. Juggle Street Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian company based in Sydney.

Pricing & Payments

There are no pre-determined prices, or fixed hourly rates for jobs on Juggle Street. Parents set the price they are willing to pay for each job, and post it to one or many of their local helpers. The helpers decide if the job is ‘worth it’ and apply or decline. Helpers get paid cash or via bank transfer by the family at the end of each job. Juggle Street is free to join and use for helpers, parents pay per job post or subscribe.

Safety & Security

At Juggle Street, trust and security are paramount. That’s why everyone who joins (parents and helpers) need to complete mobile phone verification before their profile is activated. A family’s exact home address is only shared with the helper who is awarded the job. Working with Children Checks are mandatory since May 2019.

Getting started is Easy!

Parents Set The Price

Parents set the price they are willing to pay for each job

Hourly rates average $15-30 p/hr for childcare and $20-60 for tutoring

Helpers decide if the job is ‘worth it’ and apply or decline

Families pay helpers at the end of each job in cash or via bank transfer

Helpers Keep All the Money

Keep all the money! Juggle Street does NOT take a percentage

Complete your profile and become a Member to receive job invitations via the app

Build-up your Ratings & Reviews and get awarded more jobs

It is mandatory for all new Juggle St helpers to have a WWCC

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Why Juggle Street Online tutors?

Juggle Street provides the widest range of expert online tutors direct to your device. Simply post the job and select your subject from the vast list of options, set the price and find the perfect tutor today. Learning online doesn’t have to be complicated.

Finding the right tutor

  • If you’re after a good tutor, don’t just recruit based on marks. Tutoring is more than understanding content and writing it down in exams. To have a tangible impact on a child, a tutor needs to engage the student, relate to the student, and equip the student with tools they can use to do everything the tutor is teaching when the tutor isn’t there.
  • A good tutor will want to have a discussion with you, firstly in order to get to know you, and secondly, to get an idea of your child’s age, academic situation, motivations, behaviours, attitudes, learning style, and any specific areas that need to be addressed.
  • A good tutor really cares about how their students are tracking academically, as well as how they feel in general. Putting students at ease is so important when it comes to learning, as your child is far more likely to open up about what they don’t understand with a tutor who listens without judgment, criticism or disappointment. Parents aren’t to be left out here either – you’ll want a tutor to establish a relationship with you, so that everyone is kept in the loop. Keeping you updated with personalised communications and advice at any stage is really important.
  • No two students are the same. A good tutor recognises this and tailors lessons to suit your child. These lessons should complement schoolwork in order to reinforce concepts and enhance learning.
  • As a tutor, every single lesson needs to get the student one step closer to academic self-sufficiency. Why? Two reasons.
  1. Spoon-feeding comes back to bite students in the long run, especially at university when nobody is checking up on them, making sure that their assignments are handed in on time, asking them to hand in that important note etc.
  2. Self-made success helps students to gain confidence and motivates them to seek out further challenges.
Online High school maths tutors
Online High school maths tutors

Juggle Street tutors can help your child with the year 7 – 12 curriculum including multiplication & division, decimals, problem solving, geometry, probability & statistics , perimeter & volume, graphing, trigonometry, fractions, pre-calculations, , formulae and equations, linear relationships, interest and depreciation, earning and managing money, practicalities of measurement, classifying and representing data, summary statistics, relative frequency and probability. Our online maths tutors can also assist with Extension Maths areas such as polynomials, inverse trigonometric functions, further trigonometric identities, rates of change, working with combinatorics, introduction to vectors and further operations with vectors.

Our maths tutors can assist your child prepare for HSC/VCE/QCE exams such as developing a study plan and prioritising subjects.

Online High school english tutors
Online High school english tutors

Juggle Street’s High School English tutors can assist your child with English lessons to ensure they meet year 7 – year 12 objectives. Including helping their students to learn and develop clear and precise skills in writing, reading, listening, speaking, viewing and representing, developing writing skills, sentence structures, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling. Our tutors can assist with Essential English, focusing on consolidating and refining the skills and knowledge needed by students to become competent, confident and engaged users of English in many contemporary contexts including every day, community, social, further education, training and workplace contexts.

Juggle Street’s tutors can assist with English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) focusing on language learning and the explicit teaching of the structure, linguistic features and sociolinguistic and sociocultural aspects of Standard Australian English (SAE).

Our tutors have experience in tutoring exam preparation for advanced English HSC, VCE and QCE.

Online High school chemistry tutors
Online High school chemistry tutors

Juggle Street’s High School Chemistry tutors can assist your child with the Chemistry curriculum including properties and structure of matter, quantitative chemistry, reactive chemistry, drivers of reactions, equilibrium, acids and bases, organic chemistry and applying chemical Ideas. Our tutors can explain concepts and ideas in chemical processes and assist with quantitative calculations and qualitative analysis of chemical reactions. As well as explaining industrial processes and equilibrium.

Online High school Biology tutors
Online High school Biology tutors

Juggle Street’s High School Biology tutors can assist your child with Biology curriculum including explaining the diversity of life as it has evolved and as it interacts and functions. Investigation of biological systems and their interactions, from cellular processes to ecosystem dynamics, has led to biological knowledge and understanding that enable us to explore and explain everyday observations, find solutions to biological issues, and understand the processes of biological continuity and change over time.

Online High school Physics tutors
Online High school Physics tutors

Juggle Street’s High School Physics tutors can assist your child with the Physics curriculum including assumptions, models, laws and theories to explain a wide range of phenomena, from the incredibly small to the incredibly large. As well as assisting children to develop their understanding of the core concepts, models and theories that describe, explain and predict physical phenomena.

Our tutors have experience in tutoring exam preparation for HSC, VCE and QCE.

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Tutor Resources

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Making a First Impression

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Choosing the Right Tutor
Choosing the Right Tutor

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