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Hello !! I am a family person who grew up with my four siblings with lots of nanny's and babysitters coming in and out as my parents travelled a lot. But this meant that my siblings and I were super close and as the 2nd oldest I thrived off the big sister role/maternal role. My friends always call me the ‘mum’ of the group because I know how to cook yummy kid friendly food and am always that girl making funny faces to children in cafes (I think this is the reason why they all say I will be the first to have kids of my own). Eventually my parents moved us all to the the U.K where I received an extremely well rounded education at a prestigious all girls boarding school. While studying, I volunteered for 3 years at Oakwood Primary School (Cheltenham, U.K.), which taught me how to adapt to different children and break down communication barriers, an experience that I will cherish forever. I also babysat for a family that lived in my village and became best friends with the little girl, who is renowned for being shy and not liking many people. I have since moved back to Adelaide and currently studying Law and Media at the University of adelaide, while being my youngest brother’s (11) guardian when he is not in boarding school. I am very excited to help anyone with babysitting or tutoring and have a car so it is super accessible for me.

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    Verified On: 24/3/2020
    Expires On: 19/3/2025

Childcare Experience

Most of my childcare experience has been done in my own home, given I grew up with 3 younger siblings. I have been looking after my youngest brother (11) on and off since I was 16, and feel he has challenged me in most ways. From tummy bugs at 3am while my parents were on the other side of the world to driving him to parties cross country just after passing my test. From the age of 16-18 I also babysat for a family in my village, who had a 1 year old daughter and eventually a little boy. In such, I mainly went to their house in mu village, however I also looked after them in France on a family holiday. The little girl very quickly went from someone who screamed when she was handed to me while her mum left, to someone who chose to sit on my lap over her mums. If there is one thing I learnt from my experience with this family, its that the relationship with the children is the most important part of any childcare job. It definitely makes it worth it when you watch a child go from being scared of you to loving you. In the same way as my experience with my youngest brother, looking after children shouldn’t feel like a job. Furthermore, I am very happy to look after children of all ages, including babies. Since I have volunteered in a primary school for 3 years I feel as though I have the adequate experience to connect with all children.

Tutoring Experience

I have been home tutoring as and when I can since the last 2 years of my schooling (since 2017). As someone who is passionate about education, I have achieved straight As in 10 subjects at GCSE level in the UK, which is the equivalent of year 11. Moreover I went on to achieve 40/45 in the International Baaccaleurete which is the equivalent to a 98.6 atar. These results are a proven example of my own ability to study and develop my skills, which I am always hoping to pass on to others. Whether it was my younger brother and his spelling or the girls who were 2 years below me in school, I was always willing to adapt my skills to help others. I am passionate about english as someone who studied advanced level in my final year and believe that I can help anyone with essay writing, or reading or even just passing a specific exam. I believe my speciality ranges with my tutoring ability given that I studied so many subjects to such a high level. However, one of the most important requirements of a tutor is to adapt to their student and find unique ways for memory retention and understanding. This was something I learnt when volunteering for children in reception and year 1. Obviously, teaching a 6 year old how to read requires a completely different mindset to aiding a student with their year 12 exams. However, as a result of my previous experience and my proven track record with my own academic results, I feel as though I can adapt to almost anything. My advanced subjects in my final year of school were history, english and economics. However, I also studied biology, maths and french up to my final year and can assist in any way necessary.

Primary School

School Years: Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
Subjects: English, Reading, Maths, French

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School Years: Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12
Subjects: English, Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, IB, French, Public Speaking & Debating