Getting your first job is often the hardest part.  Follow these helpful tips to ensure you get awarded your first job on Juggle Street.

Stand Out

This is your opportunity to stand out and show parents you are responsible.

Choose a suitable profile image.  Either a clear head shot or a photo of you with children you have looked after (make sure to ask for the parent’s permission before you use it).

Keep your Experience, Skills & Certificates Up To Date

Be sure to mention all your experience thoroughly.  If you have a driver’s licence and car, make sure you select these fields as this is something that parents often search for and could help you win a job over another helper.

Check your Spelling and Grammar

First impressions are important. You might be helping with homework, so make sure your profile isn’t full of spelling mistakes.

Working With Children Check

Parents will often search by WWCC.  We recommend you obtain one, especially if you do not have any ratings or reviews yet.

Include a video

You know that old saying “a picture paints a thousand words”, so you can imagine the impact of a video.  Parents want to feel they have a sense of who you are before they invite you to look after their children.  The video only needs to be around 90 seconds long.  Be natural and talk about some of your experience.

Be Proactive

Send parents ‘connection’ invitations.

If a parent invites you to apply for a job, send a chat message to introduce yourself and let then know you are keen.  Offer to provide a reference of someone you have babysat for before.  This will make you stand out from the other sitters who have been invited.

First In

When you receive an SMS inviting you to a job, be sure to log-in and check the details right away.  Often parents will award the job to the first babysitter who responds, as they want to have the job locked in for peace of mind.  If you wait too long, you’ll miss out.

Always Respond

If you are unable to do a job, make sure you click the ‘not available’ button.  You can even send a chat message, saying you’re unavailable but would like to be considered next time.  This shows you’re proactive and polite.

Good Luck!

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