The benefits of having a before and after school nanny

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Juggle Street at 24/8/2020

Tired of the juggle? Ever thought about adding a helping hand? Before and after school care can not only take some weight off your hectic day, but have some real benefits for your kids' development, education, and relationships. Read on for our top reasons to welcome a nanny into your family's life.

Your Child's Education

Individual attention, and more structured, educational play are all benefits of having a nanny.

Reading every day with your children helps language and literacy skills. While in kindergarten, did you know reading to your kids 3-5 days per week has the same effect as being 6 months older? That's a large time commitment for a parent, and while we'd love to spend that quality time with our kids, it isn't always possible. That's just one example of how a nanny's attention can speed a child's development.

No-Stress Pick-up and Drop-off

Dreaded by every parent, especially when you've got multiple little ones! We all know the stress of being stuck in traffic, a work meeting that has run over, or an urgent emergency. Say goodbye to the hair-pulling school pick-up with personalised before and after school care. Feel confident that your children have been safely transported by a familiar face, on time every time.

An Outside Perspective for Behavioural Problems

When our child surprises us, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. A nanny's influence can be invaluable in solving the mystery, or providing strategies for managing behaviour. A new set of professional eyes can do wonders.

New Experiences

We can all be guilty of staying in our own bubble. However, the value of diversity cannot be underestimated - for your child's development, but also a functioning household! Adding another person to your family dynamic can open you to new ways of doing things - whether that be through a different cultural lens, or experience level.

A nanny can also provide your child with new and nurturing experiences like trips to park, beach, museums, art galleries, events, and more. Compare this to the limitations of OOSH and it's a no-brainer!

Help with extra-curricular activities

A before and after school care nanny can help take your children to their sport training, ballet lessons or music sessions. This is a great option to get some extra help with the drop off and pick up juggle that so many parents face.

More Energy for the Things That Matter Most

Cooking, laundry, dishes, admin... there's a lot on your plate after a long day at work. Brief your nanny on preparing meals for the children. They might also be happy to lend a hand folding washing or other light household duties. We can imagine nothing better than coming home to a clean house. Spend your valuable time with your kids, partner, or on a piece of well-deserved self care!

Juggle Street's network of babysitters, nannies, and home tutors can provide a welcome addition to your home life. Find out more about Juggle Street's Before and After School Care.