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How Quality Staff Benefit Your Early Childhood Business

Here, we look at how improving the skill set of your staff to create a high-value, effective team doesn't just result in better care for the children in your charge but also delivers a number of other benefits to your customers, business and the wider community.


Staffing costs are often one of the biggest outlays an early childhood business will have to finance. Employing well-trained, high-calibre staff for your facility (or financing the training needed for staff to improve their skill levels), isn't necessarily the cheapest option. That said, if you want your childcare business to thrive in the longer term, ensuring staff are as skilled and knowledgeable as possible is absolutely vital.

Here, we look at how improving the skill set of your staff to create a high-value, effective team doesn't just result in better care for the children in your charge but also delivers a number of other benefits to your customers, business and the wider community.

Children receive a higher quality of care

The obvious advantage of using high-calibre staff is that the children in your charge receive a better standard of care. Best practice in childcare promotes a holistic approach that meets all the needs of the child. Skilled workers can adapt their practice to accommodate children with diverse and differing needs. The result is a nurturing, stimulating childcare experience that results in a positive outcome for every child.

Children benefit both directly and indirectly from the use of trained, experienced staff. Their day-to-day needs are better met and good practice around goal setting, assessment and recording progress ensures problems requiring attention from other professionals are quickly identified.

Part of good practice in an early childhood business relates to proactive team building, with team members working together to ensure children enjoy a safe, high-grade environment. Studies demonstrate that professional, high-quality care makes a measurable positive difference to a child's development.

With so many advantages for the client group, it's little surprise that a growing number of successful childhood businesses are choosing to invest in their staff.

Parents are more confident in leaving their children with you

For parents, choosing a suitable childcare facility is vital if they are to function in the workplace. Ideally, a childcare setting needs to provide the dependable, premium care children need to thrive. Well-trained staff have a key role to play in optimising the childcare experience not only for children but also for the parents.

A parent who is confident that their child is receiving the very best care possible is far more likely to work productively, satisfied that their precious child is in good hands. It also means they're less likely to look for alternative provision, which is important if your business is going to thrive.

Reduced staff churn

Paying attention to the skills and qualifications each candidate has during childcare recruitment helps to set your facility up for success. Childcare staff recruitment should include processes that highlight candidates that have the advanced skills needed to add value to your business. Where potential candidates lack some skills but are still attractive staff propositions for your business, a training plan should be agreed upon and instigated as part of the employment process.

Adoption of good practice in all areas

Staff with a high level of training aren't just great with the children they care for - their training also equips them to add value to all aspects of an early childhood setting. For example, qualified nannies from a nanny agency aren't just experts in childcare, they're also trained to conduct themselves appropriately within a household setting, work well with other staff and complete tasks that are appropriate to the role. Similarly, a well-trained nursery nurse or childcare worker has a comprehensive set of skills that equips them to add value to every aspect of the workplace.

If you want staff that are respectful, punctual, well-presented, obliging, productive and capable of working under their own initiative as well as part of a team, selecting high-grade team members is essential.

Increased demand for the business

Employing quality staff is a surefire way of ensuring that your services are going to be in high demand. As already stated, parents who are confident that their child is receiving premium care are less likely to change provider, ensuring your numbers are kept high. In addition, they're likely to recommend your services to their friends and colleagues, generating more business. Positive reviews from satisfied parents and glowing reports from external inspectors are also likely to provide a good indication to prospective users that your facility provides the premium care they're looking for.

Improved staff morale

Quality staff make a huge difference to the calibre and morale of a childhood business team. Workers who are empowered, confident and good at what they do have the ability to motivate, inspire and encourage other team members. The net result will be an enthusiastic, talented workforce that promotes a positive, can-do ethos in your establishment.

Happy, motivated staff are less likely to look elsewhere for employment, giving your facility the staff continuity that's essential for great team building and creating an established, successful business.