Activities to do with your before and after school nanny

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Juggle Street at 24/8/2020

Before and after school nannies are fantastic options for families looking for wrap-around care either side of school or nursery hours.

In this post, we're going to look at some recommended activities for your before and after school nanny and child to do, helping to promote child development and have fun at the same time.

Do some reading

Whether you're tucking them in for the night or getting them ready to face the day, reading is the perfect activity for kids. Reading can help stimulate patterns of brain development in young children and improve oral language. As a flexible activity that can range between five minutes to an hour, reading stimulates children's imaginations and allows them to get creative.

Why not incorporate it into a field trip to the local library? This way, the children can discover the books they want to read while being supervised by an adult.

Help with homework

Love it or hate it, homework plays a huge role in child development. Aside from the academic benefits, it can help teach time management and promote independent learning. Helping with a kid's homework doesn't mean doing it for them; it's about facilitating the right environment for working. Find a space that's light and airy, with minimal distractions from electronic devices. Work with the children to find the best time for them to concentrate and get organised. This learning objective can take the form of a homework planner or a star chart, but let them learn for themselves and only assist when required.

Getting homework done before dinner time is a huge relief for parents and means the family can relax and not have the stress of getting this done when everyone is tired and in need of some down time.

Explore the great outdoors

Heading to the local park or playground can be a lovely way to end the day. Aside from the obvious Vitamin D benefits, allowing a child to play outdoors can promote physical strength and social skills. In exploring the world for themselves, children can learn more than you can teach them. Ensure the outdoor area is mutually agreed between the parents and nanny to maintain the child's safety too.

Cook and bake together

A common task for nannies is to prepare nutritious food for the children, so why not turn this into a fun activity. The experience of making meals will help build self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits. It’s a wonderful way for children to learn to read instructions, follow a sequence and be proud of what they have created. Cooking is a useful life skill and getting children in the kitchen, making their tea or learning to bake cakes will educationally pass the time. Cooking helps improve children’s numeracy and language skills, as well as builds their confidence in a fun way for everyone.

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