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61 yrs - Corinda
Jobs:7 Completed 

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Hello, Ive always enjoyed children and as I'm looking for a second job I thought I'd offer my services. I used to be a primary school teacher a number of years ago & for the last 9 years have hosted International students. My full time work is involved in sales support. I enjoy helping people. I am available during the week from 5:30 pm or any time on the weekends.… 
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Local parent Wonder said...
Gill was exceptional - my daughter enjoyed her company and also good initiative on the morning story before school. We definitely recommend you anytime. Well done Gill!.


27 yrs - Bellbird Park
Jobs:4 Completed 
Debra profile photo

Hi there! I am in my last year of university, where I am studying to be a teacher. For the past 4 years I have also worked as a frog researcher, which has involved a lot of work with various primary and high schools on the Sunshine Coast. As this is my last year of uni, I am taking a step back from my research and thus have a fair amount of free time on my hands! I love interacting with kids of all… 
3 written recommendations.
Local parent Hannah said...
Deb is so lovely and the kids found her cool and relatable. Will absolutely be offering more work her way.


22 yrs - Chapel Hill
Jobs:3 Completed 
Luisa profile photo

Hello, I’m Brazilian, childcare worker and student. I am an experienced certificate lll early childhood educator currently working in a childcare centre and studying diploma in early childhood education. I am very energetic and really enjoy interacting and doing activities with children and would love to go to parks or do other activities like water play, cooking or help them with homework. I also… 
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Local parent Eileen said...
Luisa arrived early and my children immediately warmed to her. She connected well with my 7 year old and my 4 year old and after she left they asked when she would be back. Highly recommended.


27 yrs - Toowong
Jobs:1 Completed 

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Hi my name is Eliza, I am studying online in primary and early childhood education. I have been babysitting since high school. :)
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Local parent Melanie said...
Pleasant gentle can do nature. Lovely to deal with. My kids felt nurtured.


39 yrs - Indooroopilly
Jobs:1 Completed 

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Hello, I am a mum and student of early childhood education, I would like to start working but, my timing does not work with most of the job offers, for this I would like to have a bit of control of my time, and offer this kind of services in my community, for example I have my child drop off every morning and pick up, I could do same thing at the same time for other children attending the same school,… 
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Local parent Sebastian said...
Thanks for looking after our kids did a great job ☺.

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17 yrs - Kenmore
Jobs:1 Completed 

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Hi I’m Paris! A grade 12 student at Stuartholme. Im a very enthusiastic and compassionate person who loves children and volunteering. I have been baby sitting neighbours and family friends since aged 12! I have also done a lot of work with children with special needs (caring for them over night, assisting them with activities and organising events for them). In particular organisations such as; The… 
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Nidia said...
Paris was a wonderful sitter for my son. Great communication, punctual and enthusiastic. My son really liked her. Would definitely use her services again. Thank you Paris.


21 yrs - Brisbane
Jobs:1 Completed 

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Hello! I am a university student with 3 days of classes and free nights and weekends. I have experience babysitting, tutoring and working with children as a learn to swim teacher. I look forward to talking with you.… 


31 yrs - Indooroopilly
Jobs:1 Completed 

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Hi Mons and Dads, I’m Nana. I love to play with children. I work at early childcare center as a educator. I have babysitting experienced form 15 months to 5 years old. I also took care 5 years old who has autism. I teach Japanese for kids, is from great 1 to gread 10. I have social work license of Japan. I have a knowledge of special needs . End of April, I can work anytime if you need me temporary and everyday until Coronavirus settle down :) Feel free contact me :) Thanks… 


34 yrs - Taringa
Jobs:2 Completed 
Sarah profile photo

Hello. My name is Sarah and I’ve been working in a range of childcare settings for the past 12 years. I’ve worked in a Montessori, Early Learning Centres and done Nanny work for children from as young as 6weeks up to mid teens. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Primary Teaching. I look forward to meeting you in the future.… 
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Leah said...
Sarah was such a lovely calm presence in our home & with my 2 yr old. He was comfortable with her almost immediately & was very upset with me when I tried to pause play for a toilet break! Sarah is clearly very experienced with kids of all ages and was able to easily connect with my 8 yr old (who arrived home from school later on) in a short space of time too. Sarah took my 2 yr old down to the playground, managed everything that he needed & I wouldn’t hesitate to have her back again. Highly recommended.


22 yrs - Taringa, Brisbane

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I am a university student studying Secondary Education and working part time at an OSHC. I’m looking for ongoing or one time babysitting.… 

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20 yrs - Sinnamon Park

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Hi Everyone, I am a full time teacher aide who loves looking after kids. I have a lot of experience with kids as I am not only a teacher aide but I worked as an educator at after school for two years. I Also have a younger sister, I regularly baby sit and I used to do dance and cheer coaching with kids of all ages. I would love to look after your kids :) Would be best suited for school holidays, before and after school and weekends.


29 yrs - Indooroopilly
Abbey profile photo

I grew up in country NSW before taking on a music scholarship to a Sydney boarding school (experience violin/music teaching) and then went on to study undergraduate medicine for many years. I deferred and did a bachelor of nursing by distance whilst living in a ski resort teaching kids to ski and running a kids club at night. During the Australian summer I worked globally as a travel nanny including amongst royal circles in England. Upon graduating I worked as an academic at university level and did a lot of tutoring before recently moving to Brisbane to launch my company BabyEd Australia where I educate new parents/carers on the basics of baby/child First Aid. I love children (especially the little ones!) and have a passion for education and making it fun. Nothing makes me happier than a child… 


62 yrs - Kenmore
Maria profile photo

Hi mums and dads, I have been in the child care business for a long time.Ive worked for Lady Gowrie and the Wesley Organization and have a cert lll in child care have blue card, First Aid and CPR qualifications.

Marcela Del Pilar

60 yrs - Goodna
Marcela Del Pilar profile photo

Im a grand mum looking for a few hours work. I do have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. I used to Work as assistant in I will be happy to help mum And dad want to spend time out.… 


41 yrs - Bellbowrie
Naz profile photo

Hello families, I am a mother of 3 children. I am a big fan of the simple indoor life and an adventurous outdoor person. I really enjoy being with any age group of children.

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53 yrs - Richlands
Hanna profile photo

Hallo, I am a mum of three wonderful grown up adults and three glorious grandchildren. I can see how difficult it is for my kids, to juggle home duties, kids, career, or to just simply take time for themselves. My ultemate desire is to be that extra hand! To make that little difference in your day! Xo… 


20 yrs - Toowong
Lucy profile photo

Hello!!! I would love to help out & make your lives run a bit smoother in anyway that I can. I have a couple of years of babysitting experience & love kids of all ages! I’m currently studying so am pretty flexible. I’m also able to help with tutoring if needed :)… 


51 yrs - Westlake

Private Profile

Hi mums and dads! My name is Natalie and I would love to offer my experience and enthusiasm to your family. I have a Bachelor of Teaching and have taught children in primary school for 12 years. I have raised my own two beautiful children and I also have experience in teaching children English as a second language. I have a blue card, current first aid, yellow card as well as a Cert 4 in Mental Health. I am looking forward to providing you with a professional yet warm and caring nannying service. You can be assured of my committment and reliability. Looking forward to meeting you and your child/ren soon!


21 yrs - Karana Downs

Private Profile

Hi Mums and Dads, I’m a university student, studying a Bachelor of Nursing. I am also an AIN, with valid and up to date CPR, First Aid and Blue Card. I love children and have always had a lot of time for them, and looking at pursing a career in Pediatrics. I am currently taking a break from University as I’m getting married at the end of the year so looking to earn some extra money & would love to help you out. I am available most afternoons if you require someone for school pick up, also happy to discuss my availability to suit what you require. Please feel free to contact me about any questions you might have! Excited to hear from you