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Looking forward to meeting you and your family should you need a night/day out or perhaps a special event to attend. I'm happy to be a last minute sitter, and happy to put you in contact with some people I have sat for before should you wish. I’m a Leading Teacher at a Special Developmental School, I co-ordinate the Early Years, having spent many years in Special Ed classrooms, most as a Prep/Grade 1 teacher. I love little ones with extra challenges, particular interests and needs.

Skills and Qualificationvs

Asthma Management
Anaphylaxix Management

Special Needs Experience

Bach. of Education (Special Education) - graduated with distinction Currently Leading Teacher/Early Primary Special School Sub School Leader 7 years Special Education Teaching Experience

Childcare Experience

I have been a reliable baby sitter since the age of 15! And often a much welcomed extra set of hands for neighbours and family friends, from a much younger age than that. I have always felt very at ease, and really enjoyed caring for infants, toddlers and young children. I have current Epilepsy, Anaphylaxis, and so use to being a 'mum', 'nurse', 'play buddy' ... you name it!... at school, there is not much that I am not used to. I have cared for infants as young as 4 weeks old, and have cared for up to 4 children below the age of 6 at once over night.