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Find local childcare & home tutors in three easy steps

1. Create your family profile

1. Create your family profile

Describe your family, complete your profile and join the Juggle Street community.

2. Build your list of favourites

2. Build your list of favourites

Use filters to search and connect with helpers that meet your requirements.

3. Post jobs on demand

3. Post jobs on demand

Select the date & time, set the price, choose your helpers then post jobs on demand.

Parents set the price!

Parents set the price they are willing to pay for each job

Helpers decide if the job is "worth it" and apply or decline

Hourly rates posted & accepted average between $10-$30p/h

Helpers get paid in cash by the family at the end of each job

Pricing considerations


Helpers with formal child care qualifications & experience are in high demand, and older helpers with their own vehicle also get paid more.
Job Requirements

An easier job is looking after children who are already asleep. A more intense job would be looking after multiple children, preparing dinner, bathing and putting to bed.

Improve your chances with last minute jobs by offering a higher rate. Late night jobs and public holidays also cost more.

Trust & Safety is at the core of everything we do

Identity Check - Mobile phone verification needs to be completed before a profile is activated on Juggle Street. This is fast, secure and ensures that each person is who they claim to be.

Mobile Number Exchange

Phone numbers are only shared between Juggle Street users who have a confirmed job.

Private Profile

All parent profiles are private and only visible to other JuggleSt users.

Online Chat Service

Online chat is a private messaging service for Juggle Street users. Email addresses are hidden.

Map Location Pins

Map location pins are only visible to other Juggle Street users and its position is only “approximate”.

Home Address

Helper addresses are never shared. Parent addresses are only provided to a helper when a job is awarded.

Guardian Approval

Helpers aged 15 – 17 require parent/guardian approval before they're allowed to participate in the Juggle Street network.