How much do I get paid?


  • Parents set the “price” for each job, and they choose to pay by the hour or on a fixed price basis. Parents are also required to indicate if they will pay extra if they arrive home later than expected. This information is contained in each job invitation.
  • Parents pay helpers directly, usually at the end of the job when they return home.
  • Parents cannot make payments to helpers through Juggle Street.
  • Juggle Street is free to use for helpers. Parents pay to use Juggle Street; per babysitting job posted or an unlimited babysitting and nanny subscription.
  • Hourly rates posted & accepted average between $15-$30p/h for babysitting & nannying.  For tutoring the hourly rate can be anywhere from $20 - $80. This depends on the age and experience of the helper, as well as the requirements of the job.
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