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Trust & Safety is at the core of everything we do

Identidy check - Mobile phone verification needs to be completed before a profile is activated on Juggle Street. This is fast, secure and ensures that each person is who they claim to be.

Mobile Number Exchange

Phone numbers are only shared between Juggle Street users who have a confirmed job.

Private or Public Profile

Helpers 18yrs and older have the choice to keep their profiles Private or make them Public. Helpers 15-17 yrs have Private Profiles.

Online Chat Service

Online chat is a private messaging service for Juggle Street users. Email addresses are hidden.

Map Location Pins

Map location pins are only visible to other Juggle Street users and its position is only “approximate”.

Home Address

Helper addresses are never shared. Parent addresses are only provided to a helper when a job is awarded.

Guardian Approval

Helpers aged 15 – 17 require parent/guardian approval before they're allowed to participate in the Juggle Street network.

Trust And Safety On Juggle Street

Ratings & Reviews Build Trust

A Juggle Street helper with a job history may have 5 star ratings and/or written reviews provided by local parents. Over time, these paint a picture of the helper's reliability and performance on the job.

Parents often rely on ratings, and especially written reviews when selecting a helper for a job.

Trust & Safety Explained

15 - 17 Year Old Carers

15 to 17 year old helpers can join Juggle Street but profiles will not be published until Parent/Guardian approval is complete.

Parent/Guardian must (1) review and approve profile and (2) accept and agree to the Juggle Street Terms & Conditions

Parent/Guardian will be provided with access to Juggle Street profile.

Helpers Need To Know

PRIVACY - All helpers 18 years and over have the choice to keep their profile Private or make it Public. Private profiles are only visible to other Juggle Street users, they cannot be found by someone browsing the web. Public profiles are visible to the public. Visible information is general only, it does NOT include personal information such as home address, mobile number and email. Helpers 15-17 have mandatory Private profiles.

IDENTITY CHECK - A mobile phone based identity check is conducted on all family and carer accounts.

USE PROFILES TO DECIDE WHO TO CONNECT WITH - All family profiles include a photo, information about their home, details about the children, and they may have a 5 star rating. All this information allows you to decide which families you want to connect with and work for.

WINNING A JOB SHARES PHONE NUMBERS - Your mobile number is not visible on your Juggle Street profile. When you win a job, your mobile number is shared with the parent, and the family's mobile is given to you. Mobile numbers are shared at this time so you can tell each other about the job.

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