Find out why parents are loving Juggle Street

Busy mums everywhere are talking about Juggle Street. Here, one of their key ‘jugglers’ and mother of two, Justine Duncan answers the most often asked questions about this online babysitter and nanny network that parents are loving.

What is Juggle Street?

Juggle Street is a neighbourhood network providing busy parents a super easy, reliable way to meet local carers. Both parents and carers must complete their profile, then they can send online invites to connect. Carer profiles include a photo, some have a video, and details of their experience with children. Carer profiles also include job ratings and reviews from parents who have used them. Parents use filters to find their ideal match, such as age & experience, driver’s license, WWCC, language, special needs etc. Parents post babysitting and nanny jobs on their PC/Mac or mobile phone which are delivered instantly via SMS and carers apply in real-time by SMS … jobs can be posted and awarded in minutes!

"I use Juggle Street to book babysitters every couple of weeks. It’s not enough to have one or two good sitters, as they are often booked or busy."

Who can join Juggle Street?

Both parents and carers wanting to join Juggle Street must first complete a comprehensive profile before connecting, chatting, and posting & applying for jobs. The minimum age on Juggle Street is 15, and all carers between the age of 15 and 17 need to obtain guardian approval. Carers range from 15 to 65 years old!

How does safety and security work on Juggle Street?

Safety and security is an integral part of making Juggle Street a trusted network for all users. That’s why we need to verify every person who joins before your profile is activated. Your mobile number is used to check your identity so it’s fast and secure. As we all know – parents rely heavily on recommendations from other parents – and job ratings and parent reviews are key in building trust on Juggle Street. Parents can also use online chat to communicate directly with each other on Juggle Street.

How many members do you currently have, and how many carers?

Juggle Street launched in Sydney in December 2014 and now has over 25,000 members and growing literally by the day, this includes over 13,000 babysitters and nannies. We just launched in Melbourne in October and plan rolling out nationally in 2018.

Do you use a babysitter or nanny with your own children?

Yes! We live in Sydney’s Northern Beaches with two young boys, we both work, and have no extended family in Sydney … life is one big juggle! I use Juggle Street to book babysitters every couple of weeks. It’s not enough to have one or two good sitters, as they are often booked or busy, you really need to a group of at least eight or so. We also found a fantastic nanny who helped with after school care every Friday and even helped my son with his maths homework. She was living just around the corner, and we would never have found her if it wasn’t for Juggle Street.

Why do you think parents should choose Juggle Street over a babysitting or nanny agency?

Juggle Street has really connected me with my local community and I’ve met many great people who have helped me and my family. It reminds me that it takes a village to raise a child! Juggle Street is also very quick and easy to use, if I suddenly remember I haven’t booked a sitter for Friday night, I can post a job in a couple of minutes on my mobile wherever I am.

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