Au Pairs For Parents

Top Ten Reasons To Hire An Au Pair

Finding the right care for your child can be overwhelming, but Juggle Street is here to take the guess work out of this process.. If you have ever wondered what an Au Pair is, then this blog post is designed to clear up all of your questions and run through the top ten reasons for hiring an Au Pair.

Finding the right care for your child can be overwhelming, but Juggle Street is here to take the guess work out of this process for you. If you have ever wondered what an Au Pair is, then this blog post is designed to clear up all of your questions and run through the top ten reasons for hiring an Au Pair in Australia.

What is an Au Pair?

In case you don’t already know, an Au Pair is generally a young adult (between the ages of 18 and 30), who lives with a host family, while taking care of their children. This is usually in exchange for accommodation, meals, and an agreed-upon weekly allowance.

Many Au Pairs come from overseas and are looking for an opportunity to experience living in a different country and learning about the culture there. In exchange, they can offer a wonderful cultural education and a sense of personalised care for your child, which is flexible and convenient for you as a parent.

If you are thinking of working with this kind of carer, then below are some of the top reasons to consider hiring an Au Pair through the Juggle Street network.

Your Au Pair could help with the following;

1. An extra pair of hands

If you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the daily juggle – be it the housework or helping the kids with their homework – then an Au Pair could be a great option for you. Embrace the convenience that is offered by these multi-talented helpers, who can help to provide an extra pair of hands, for juggling things around the house.

2. A flexible schedule

A flexible schedule is one of the primary benefits of working with an Au Pair nanny. For busy modern parents, this set up often means that there is one less thing for you to worry about. In partnership with your carer, you can set the best schedule for your child’s ongoing care – one that suits you and your family’s needs. And this flexibility also means that you can fall back on a reliable option if and when unforeseen things do crop up in life or at work.

3. The convenience of a live-in arrangement

The work of an Au Pairoften intersects with (but is not the same as) that of a live in nanny. Usually, an Au Pair arrangement means that your carer will be living with you and your family, so food and accommodation are often part and parcel with their payment terms. This offers the convenience of regular, hands-on care at home for your child and peace of mind for you as a parent.

4. Assistance with household duties

Many people ask: what is an Au Pair’s list of responsibilities? And while the answer to this particular question varies, many Au Pairs are generally happy to help out with some of your household duties. They are not a cleaner, but can help to keep things in order, by tidying things up around the house, for instance, or stacking the dishwasher. It is important to have an upfront conversation during the interview process, about what your hopes and expectations are in this area.

5. A boost for your kids

An Au Pair is often young and full of energy, which makes them a great companion for your kids. They can help to provide a daily boost for your child, to keep things lively and exciting for them at home and beyond. They may also bring a different learning style to homework time and can generally help your child to be as well-rounded as possible.

6. Opportunity for cultural exchange

Many live in Au Pairs originally come from overseas, which means that their presence in your household presents a great opportunity for cultural exchange. They may speak a different language, for example, enjoy cooking different cuisines, or be able to educate your family about life where they are from. All of which can be very beneficial for your child’s ongoing development as a worldly individual.

7. Convenient care when you travel

Thinking of travelling, but concerned about finding care for your kids when you get there? Well you don’t have to worry, because many Au Pairs are also happy to travel with their host family and can offer convenient and reliable care throughout the course of your trip. This sort of arrangement would usually be in exchange for travel costs, accommodation and/or meals during your stay.

8. Personalised care

By spending lots of time with your child, a live in Au Pair can help to offer some really personalised care that is specifically tailored to their needs. Instead of being exposed to a constant rotation of different babysitters, your child can develop a good ongoing relationship with their Au Pair – who can, in turn, provide them with a solid sense of stability.

9. Affordability

What is an Au Pair’s wage? Although the answer to this question largely depends on the personal arrangement that you have in place with your carer, an Au Pair can often represent a more affordable option. Providing food and a place for them to stay is often built into the agreement, with a weekly allowance on top. Meanwhile, finding your carer through the Juggle Street network means that you will be able to avoid those expensive (and often unexpected) agency fees.

10. A little more ‘me’ time

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of working with an Au Pair is that it means you will have a little more ‘me’ time for yourself. This could be a chance to run errands or catch up with friends, to enjoy a little bit of self-care or a date night with your partner. Either way, an Au Pair can be as beneficial for you as it is for your child.

Juggle Street can help match a local Au Pair to your family’s needs and your budget in a few easy steps. When you are ready, you can find an Au Pair in Australia using Juggle Street.