Our supernanny has put together a list of helpful tips for becoming a successful nanny on Juggle Street.

Tips for Nannies

Spend time on your profile, making sure it stands out amongst the others. List all your skills and be sure to keep your experience, skills and certificates section up to date at all times.  Parents will search for specific skills when looking for suitable nannies to post a job out to.

Be Flexible

Routines will often change for juggling families, so it’s important to be as flexible as possible.  No two days will be same.  One minute you’ll be rocking a baby to sleep and the next minute you’ll be helping a seven year old with their homework.


The last thing a parent wants, is to walk into a messy house at the end of the day.  Try to help with a bit of light housework and always ensure the toys are packed away and the kitchen is clean.

If you’re running low on nappies or the milk has run out, let the parent know.

Clear Expectations

Always be honest and clear about your availability.  This is important for both sides. Give as much notice as possible to any changes in your schedule.

Ensure expectations are set out from the beginning.  If you’re unsure of any details, make sure you ask the parent.


If you’re using your own car to do pick-up/drop offs or grocery shopping, you will need to discuss a petrol allowance and any other expenses incurred.  Have this discussion up front, so you are both clear on how this is going to work.

Keep in touch during the job

If everything is going well, it’s nice to send a message to the parent letting them know their children are happy and settled.  This will give the parent peace of mind.


Never post pictures on social media of the kids you look after, without the parent’s permission.

Positive Attitude

Parents want their children to be around a happy, positive person.  If you’re having personal issues (eg. an argument with your significant other) don’t bring this up around your family.  Vent to a friend instead.

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