There are many easy things you can do to ensure you keep getting invited back to babysit for the families on Juggle Street.  Follow our tips below, and you’ll be on your way to great ratings and reviews!

Be Proactive

Before meeting parents, be proactive and get in touch to confirm the date and time.  Let them know you’re looking forward to meeting them and their family.  You’ll come across as reliable and organised.

Be Punctual

Always turn up on time, if not a few minutes early.  Being on time sets a good tone and assures the parents of your reliability.


Bring along something to engage with the kids.  It could be balloons or a game.  This will act as a good ice-breaker and will distract the kids, so they’re not focused on their parents leaving the house.


On arrival, always make sure to connect with the parents, but be quick to get down to the child’s level, and engage with them to ensure they feel comfortable.  It’s so important for the parents to see their children happy and relaxed.

Get Essential Information

After introductions, ask the parents if there is anything you need to know  (routines, meals, allergies etc).  Make sure you have exchanged your mobile numbers for communication whilst you are looking after their children.  Write down any relevant information and ask for a tour of any rooms you need to be familiar with in their home.

Be Present

When supervising children, always make sure you’re present in the moment.  Put away your phone and any other technology.  Be mindful when they’re asleep and never wear earphones so that you can hear if the children wake up.

Clean Up

Make sure you clean up after the children once they’re in bed, so that it’s nice for the parents to walk into a tidy home. This should always include the kitchen.  Parents always appreciate this and this will help ensure you get invited back.

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