How to be the Best Babysitter or Nanny

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Madison James at 11/7/2019


Top Tips From Juggle Street

1. Keep Things Tidy
2. Send an Update
3. Go Above and Beyond
4. Be Relatable

If you’re new to babysitting or have been doing it for years, it’s always helpful to remember what parents are looking for. That’s why we’ve shortlisted the top tips on what you can do to have the best babysitting experience with Juggle Street.

1. Keep Things Tidy

Always leave the kitchen cleaner than you found it.

Trust me on this one. There’s nothing like going out and coming back to a clean kitchen. Wipe down the counters, clean anything in the sink or see if the dishwasher needs unpacking.

“But I don’t know where everything goes” – don’t let this deter you! If I don’t know where things go I just put it on the drying rack.

2. Send an Update

Send an unsolicited text to keep the family updated.

It’s really important to put yourself in the parent’s shoes. You’re caring for their most prized possession. Why not provide some reassurance? It’s super quick and easy. You can send a quick update on what you’ve been doing; send a cute photo or even text “just letting you know everything is going well”.

I try and do this with most families, but particularly when I’m caring for young kids or one’s that get a little nervous around new people.

3. Go Above and Beyond

Ask the family if there is anything extra you could do to help.

From experience, for babysitting jobs parents will more often than not say “thank you but no need”, however it’s important that you give the opportunity.

For nanny work, in my personal opinion, this goes without saying. It doesn’t have to be big work, but little things such as washing and cleaning kitchen is pretty much a necessity.

4. Be Relatable

Help kids feel at ease, by asking them to show you their favourite game/toy.

I’m very comfortable around new people, but I distinctly remember feeling quite shy when I had a new babysitter. It’s not that I didn’t want to play or talk with them; I was just warming up to a new person. So now whenever I babysit, I make sure to recognise how natural and common this is for kids. I normally ask them to show me their favourite game or toy. It helps focus the kid’s attention on something they are familiar with and helps start an organic conversation. I find this to be my best trick for kids. It really helps them feel at ease with you, and totally forget their parents have left.

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