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Kurrajong is a small town in New South Wales, Australia. Kurrajong is located 75 kilometres (47 mi) north-west of Sydney, in the local government area of the City of Hawkesbury. Kurrajong is located to the west of the Hawkesbury River on the lower slopes of the Blue Mountains. It is 8 kilometres (5 mi) north-west of Richmond on the Bells Line of Road, with Kurrajong Hills and Kurrajong Heights further west on this road.

Kurrajong is a popular destination for tourists who enjoy the village's peaceful atmosphere and attractive natural surrounds. Kurrajong is an Aboriginal name for several species of Australian trees in the genus Brachychiton, which once grew in abundance in the area. The bark fibres were used to make fishing nets, ropes and baskets.

For 26 years, Kurrajong was connected to Richmond by a railway, with the train locally known as "Pansy". The shops known as "Pansy Junction" are near the railway station site, which now has an electricity substation on it. The line was closed in 1952, following landslide damage. There are some remains of this railway in the form of several cuttings located at various places along the line. The Goods shed at Kurrajong station is now part of the "Australiana Pioneer Village" in Rose St, Wilberforce. There is also the remains of a small wooden platform on private property.[5] There were plans to rebuild and reopen the railway as a tourist attraction by the "Tourist Railway Association Kurrajong", but this did not eventuate.

An infrequent bus service operates from Richmond Station, but the most convenient way to get to Kurrajong is by car. In the 2011 census, 3.9% of employed people traveled to work on public transport and 72.8% by car (either as driver or as passenger).