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35 yrs - Hurstville
Jobs:11 Completed 0 Cancelled

I worked as a pre school teacher in Brazil with kids from 6 months until 10 years old. I love working with children, helping them learn and develop is my passion. I’m very responsible, friendly and loving towards all the children and families.… 
7 written recommendations.
Local parent Josie said...
Juliana was great. There were lots of things going on and she just took it all in her stride and proactively helped where she could. We would happily use her again.


20 yrs - Bexley
Jobs:3 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hello parents, I am a nursing university student and I'm on holidays for 6 weeks. looking to find a great family and kids to look after. I'm very good with kids and they are my passion.
3 written recommendations.
Local parent Claire said...
Erica was just fantastic - punctual, reliable, mature and really fantastic caring for our 3 y.old and 6.y.old.


29 yrs - Hurstville
Jobs:3 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hi! How are you? I'm Ziara and I'm 27. I'm a fun girl who loves playing and having a great time with kids. I am an active girl, very hands on and with a very positive attitude towards life.… 
2 written recommendations.
Local parent Savannah said...
Our daughter really enjoyed her time with Ziara. Very reliable, fun and assertive!.


20 yrs - Padstow
Jobs:3 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hi all, I've completed my traineeship recently, receiving my Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and am looking to be a babysitter! I have previous babysitting experience as well as 1 year and 4 months of experience in a child care centre; through which I have obtained my first aid certificate and have my license for emergency children care.I have acquired my 'working with children's' check,… 
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Bianca said...
Very happy with Natalie and will use her again in the future. She responded to all my messages and answered any questions I had. She also spent a good amount of time with me and the kids the day before the actual job as I wanted to see how the kids react towards her and how I like her also. My eldest wanted to play with Natalie the next day again, so I'm taking this as a dry good sign. Kids were both asleep when we got home, so we have no complaints.


20 yrs - Bexley
Jobs:2 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hi families! I am a current nursing student at UTS in my second year of study. As a nursing student I have a strong passion for caring for people, with a particular interest in paediatrics, hence my interest in babysitting work. I am quite open and flexible with my hours at the moment as uni doesn’t start up again until mid-march, however when it does my timetable can be sorted to suit my babysitting… 
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Emma said...
My children adored Hope and looked forward to her getting them after school. She was a kind, considerate and punctual and both I and my children would highly recommend her!.


17 yrs - Campsie
Jobs:2 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hey guys! My names Razelle as you may see but you can easily call me Raz! I'm a grade 12 student and absolutely love children - I hope to get into teaching one day! I'd love to meet you and your kids so don't hesitate in messaging me if you're interested!
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Hellen said...
The children loved making chocolate muffins and the ukulele. Thanks Razelle.


19 yrs - Padstow Heights
Jobs:2 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hello my name is Zoe, I am a current university student studying a bachelor of medical and health sciences. I am a fun loving person and have always loved kids!… 
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Mel said...
Zoe is lovely, dependable and id definently recommend her! I’m currrntly using her for an ongoing job. My 3 year old is happy 😃.


24 yrs - Campsie
Jobs:1 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hi parents, I'm studying my Diploma in Childhood education and Care on Mondays, so I'm available Tuesday to Saturday. I'm responsible, reliable and cheerful person with excellent childcare and interpersonal skills. worked with children ages birth to 8 years. Key skills include: • Understands kids’ emotions and behavior. • Can manage more than one child at a time. • Knowledge and experience in baby… 
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Deborah said...
Carolina had a calm and confident manner. She cared for the children really well and they enjoyed being with her. I would recommend her and hire her again.


29 yrs - Punchbowl
Jobs:3 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hi Families :) I'm currently finishing up my teaching degree and would love to connect with local families to help put some of my practical skills to good use. I love cooking and reading and I'm passionate about learning and the creative arts.… 


27 yrs - Earlwood
Jobs:1 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hi mums and dads!! I work in a child care centre 3 days per week and love spending time with children.… 
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Senta said...
Angelique was an angle to come and look after my ill daughter on short notice. She read her stories until she fell asleep. Thank you so much.


22 yrs - Belmore
Jobs:1 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hey Mums and Dads, I am a University Student with classes 3 days a week.
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Tamara said...
Melissa was absolutely amazing with my son, he took to her the moment she walked thought he door which is big thing for him and strangers. She was 10 minutes early & more then happy to stay back when my husband was late. I will definitely be recommending Melissa and using her again 😊.


31 yrs - Roselands
Jobs:1 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hi parents, You can call me kiki. I am a student of early childhood education and care at Times Academy in Sydney, Australia. However, i have earned my degree in education in Indonesia and i used to work as a preschool teacher and a tutor. As the first kid in the family, i have strong skills of leadership. I was a chairman of students community in university as well. It gave me lots of experience and… 
1 written recommendations.
Local parent Leonard said...
Kiki is great! The Children loved playing with him. He is very responsible.


28 yrs - Bardwell Valley (Bexley)
Jobs:1 Completed 0 Cancelled

Dear Mums and Dads, I'm a responsible, reliable and friendly Brazilian with excellent childcare skills. I also can quickly create a bond with children. My available time is Monday - Friday after 3pm (Fridays I can manage to work after 13:30 with previous notice) and weekends all day and night. I would love to help you with your lovely children!
1 written recommendations.


27 yrs - Penshurst
Jobs:1 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hi there, my name is Natalie and i am an Early Childhood Educator and have been working fulltime for the last 2.5 years in a 0-2 Nursery room. I work fulltime so am limited to babysitting on weekends and some week nights. My rate is approx $25 per hour.


31 yrs - Penhurst
Jobs:1 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hello mums and dads, I am Rocio and I am from Argentina, so I speak like Dora, the Explorer haha. I am living in Sydney with a working Holiday visa and I did the same in NZ for a year. I have something special with children. I love them and we have a connection in seconds. Besides, i am a graduated graphic designer, so it help with the creativity of the children. Some parents said ti me they could notice it and they really appreciate it!… 


24 yrs - Bexley
Jobs:1 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hi families! I am a 1st year nursing student, with a goal to become a midwife! I am excited to do some more work with young children and babies. I an reliable, warm and go above and beyond for my families.


27 yrs - Beverly Hills
Jobs:1 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hi Mum's and Dad's My name is Andressa, I am 26 years old, from Brazil. I have a degree in business administration by PUC Campinas - SP. I came to Australia to study English, and I finished my English course in May/2017. At moment I am studying in a college doing diploma of Marketing but just on Saturday's. I got my student visa for 2 years more till August/2019. I have worked as Au pair / Nanny specially because I am great and patient with kids and I also like to work with native people or foreign people to improve my English skills. I have experiences with babies and children with ages of 1,2,3 and 7 years old. Feel free to call me and get to know me better. Thank you

Tania Gale

30 yrs - Hurstville
Jobs:1 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hi Mums and Dads, Im a University student taking up diploma in Early child care, with a classes 2 days per week (Monday-Tuesday) Im great with kids and love the opportunity to meet you and yours.


29 yrs - Canterbury
Jobs:1 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hi Mums and Dads, I graduated university in 2013 in Peru. I'm great with kids, patient and a loving person.I would love the opportunity to meet you and yours :D


19 yrs - Riverwood
Jobs:1 Completed 0 Cancelled

Hi, I’ve currently attend University of Sydney studying IT and Medical Science as a double degree. I also like playing the piano and have been for the past 10 years.


25 yrs - Kingsgrove

Hi there! . I am currently undertaking my Bachelors of Nursing. I have now spent half of my life in Australia and half in America. I have been very fortunate to work as a nanny, babysitter and also a tutor in America for 7+ years - through high school and beginning of uni. I grew up with rowdy ornery little brothers which I believe has prepared me for anything! I am full of energy and love little kids! So PICK ME !


18 yrs - Hurstville

Hello parents, I'm an international students looking forward to babysit your babies. I'm experienced in this field as I have 2 niece and a nephew back home and I love playing and taking care of them.

Deepa Biswas

31 yrs - Campsie

Hi Mums and Dads, I completed Diploma in children's Services. Currently studying My Bachelor on teaching through online. I love children and enjoying with them to work. I got my own car, working with children check and others certificate.

Ryan Joseph

35 yrs - Campsie

Hello I'm 35 years old, married for 3 years. I am dedicated to work and fast learner.


21 yrs - Campsie

Hi I am Yangi. I am studying a early childhood education and care. I am a registered nurse of Nepal and worked for 1 and half years in hospital. I have a class for 2days i.e Thursday and Friday. Rest of the day I am free. I am very much interested in children. I have exposed in many areas during my practical. I will be greatful if i got a job.